Super Hiros Opening

Chef Hiro and his wife

A couple nights ago I attended the opening party for Super Hiro’s Restaurant on West Broadway in the Kitislano neighborhood.

They had a traditional Taiko drumming performance for all of us to enjoy along with a sake drum hammering for all to see.

Guests enjoyed a variety of dishes, I had had a chance to try the Japanese Pumpkin, Chefs Creation, Salmon carrot croistini, Chicken skewers, Sake white fish with asparagus, fried Prawns, Sablefish, sushi and nigiri. There was also a selection of cold and warm sake, along with wine and beer served.

The restaurant serves an Omakase 5 course menu which changes nightly.

Super Hiro’s Restaurant is located at 2585 West Broadway in Vancouver. You can follow them on Instagram

By: Richard Wolak


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