Best New Vancouver Restaurants in 2017

I have dined at a lot of new restaurants that have opened in 2017. These are the Best NEW Restaurants in greater Vancouver that newly define how we eat, drink and play. There are many elements to a restaurant being one of the best, it must excel in having not only delicious food, but also have consistent service that is on point, along with a great ambience. To make this annual list each of the restaurants must operate as a full service independent restaurant where customers are taken care of by servers in a sit-down environment.

Note: These are not in any ranking order.

Charred Cauliflower, Scallops and vanilla bean purée at Honey Salt

Honey Salt

39 Smithe Street, Vancouver

Tel: 778-370-8200


Twitter: @honeysaltvan

Instagram: @honeysaltvancouver

Cuisine: American/Local

Neighborhood: Crosstown/Yaletown

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Grilled Cactus, Halloumi Cheese at Fayuca


1009 Hamilton Street, Vancouver

Tel: (604) 689-8523


Twitter: @fayucaville

Instagram: @fayucaville

Cuisine: Mexican inspired

Neighborhood: Yaletown

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Bucatini at Orto Artisan Pasta

Orto Artisan Pasta

1600 MacKay, North Vancouver

Tel: (604) 929-0203


Twitter: @ortopasta

Instagram @ortoartisanpasta

Cuisine: Italian


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Seared Sablefish at Botanist


1038 Canada Place (2nd floor), Vancouver

Tel: 604-695-5500


Twitter: @botanistdining

Instagram: @botanistdining

Cuisine: Mediterranean-inspired

Neighborhood: Coal Harbour

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Lamb Biryani at Roy’s Indian Restaurant

Roy’s Indian Restaurant

#200 – 1179 56 Street, Tsawwassen

Tel: (604) 948-7697


Twitter: @RoysIndian

Instagram @roysindian

Cuisine: Indian

Neighborhood: Downtown Tsawwassen

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Colombian Platter at Politos Latin Cafe

Politos Latin Cafe

942 Westwood St, Coquitlam

Tel: (604) 474-1744


Twitter: @politoscafebc

Instagram @politoscafebc

Cuisine: Latin


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Mantu Afghan style dumplings at the Afghan Kitchen

Afghan Kitchen

Unit 115, 16120 24 Avenue, Surrey

Tel: (604) 727-0070


Instagram: @aksurrey

Cuisine: Afghan

Neighborhood: Morgan Crossing

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Cedar Creek Pinot Noir paried with the Wok Tossed Wagyu Beef at 1886 Restaurant

1886 Restaurant

39 Smithe Street, Vancouver

Tel: 778-370-8500


Instagram: @1886vancouver

Cuisine: Chinese

Neighborhood: Crosstown/Yaletown

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Hatzil Baladi at Chickpea


4298 Main Street, Vancouver

Tel: (604) 620-0602


Twitter @ILoveChickpea

Instagram @ilovechickpea

Cuisine: Plantbased Middle Eastern

Neighborhood: Riley Park/Main Street

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Torchio alle Verdure at Italian Kitchen

Italian Kitchen

860 Burrard Street, Vancouver

Tel: (604) 687-2858


Twitter: @Glowbal_Group

Instagram: @ikbyglowbal

Cuisine: Italian

Neighborhood: Downtown

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Honourable Mentions: Spade,  Dosanko, The Ellis, Yuwa, Davie Dosa, Dolpan Seoul BBQ

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By: Richard Wolak

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