1600 MacKay, North Vancouver

Tel: (604) 929-0203

Web: www.ortoartisanpasta.com

Instagram @ortoartisanpasta

Advice: Closed Sunday and Monday.

With it’s focus on Italian cooking, owners, Chef Steeve Raye and his mother Brigitte have created a wonderous place with an open kitchen, along with a stunning garden patio to sit during the warmer months. The small garden adjacent to the restaurant is where they grow many of their fresh herbs and vegetables, and since Orto means garden, this is a perfect match. The pasta is made fresh daily and it’s the highlight of many of the dishes.

They feature Bad Dog Bread, as they share the space with Vadim Mugerman’s Bad Dog Bread bakery; I had some of their bread which was served with Caramelized onion butter and tapenade.

Polenta Fritella



Tagliolini Carbonara

Loved the Polenta Fritella with carrot top gremolata, that was one tasty dish! The pastas as I mentioned are what makes this restaurant standout, both the Bucatini with scallions and pesto; and the Conchiglie with garlic, chiili and zucchini were wonderful dishes full of flavours! One other that my friends and I tried was the Tagliolini Carbonara which was another favourite.

Lemon Crema

Limoncello tiramisu

The desserts are equally pleasing, the Lemon Crema garnished with fruit was yummy and refreshing as was the Limoncello tiramisu.

The Raye’s have many years of experience running French restaurants around our city, they have done an exceptional job pursuing an Italian focus with this gem.

Review by: Richard Wolak

North Vancouver, BC V7P 2M4, Canada

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