Chef Jennifer Belbeck

This series is a roundup of the talented chefs in our community who have food themed tattoos and here are their stories.

Chef Jennifer Belbeck

Chef Jennifer Belbeck

Chef Jennifer Belbeck

Sous Chef at Tableau Bar Bistro

When did you get your first food related tattoo and what was it? 

I got my first food related tattoo last summer (July 2012). It is the butchers diagram of a pig on my left calf.

Who was the Tattoo Artist? And which Tattoo studio did he/she work?

Chris Johne at sacred heart did my tattoo

What style of tattoo art do you gravitate towards? What is your favorite genre?

My tattoos are all over the map as far as style goes. I usually pick a piece or idea that inspires me and I go with that. I have everything from a Japanese koi fish to a couple Van Gough paintings.

What does your mother think of your tattoos?

My mom loves my tattoos.

What is your next tattoo going to be?

Whatever inspires me or I fall in love with next.

How has having tattoos affected you culinary career, positively and or negatively?

I don’t think my tattoos have affected my career at all, I haven’t experienced any negativity towards them in any job I have had. If anything they are another artistic, creative outlet for me. Food is art, so are tattoos, its all about the inspiration you surround yourself with.

What food do you most like to prepare?

Anything I can make from scratch. I love braised items, homemade pickles and jams, French pastries. I like being able to see a dish through from start to finish and doing as much of it as I can myself.

Where have you worked in Vancouver?

I work at Tableau Bar Bistro, I moved here from Alberta and this kitchen is where I ended up shortly after moving here.

Stay tuned for the next chef in the Chefs with Food Tattoos series.

By: Richard Wolak

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