Chef Trevor Bird

This series is a roundup of the talented chefs in our community who have food themed tattoos and here are their stories.

Chef Trevor Bird

Chef Trevor Bird

Chef Trevor Bird

Fable Kitchen

When did you get your first food related tattoo and what was it? 

The only one Tattoo I have is the one on my arm. I figure if I get something that will last the rest of my life it better mean something.

It’s my first slicer (a mac mighty series), and heirloom tomatoes. One of friends grew a massive field of tomatoes and It is a memory for connecting to food.

Who was the Tattoo Artist? And which Tattoo studio did he/she work?

I think his name was Craig, at Adrenaline on Granville, I would go back to him if I ever get another one, IT was funny for a tattoo artist, he only had one tattoo. And it was the size of a grape. I thought he did a fantastic job but I was sceptical.

What style of tattoo art do you gravitate towards? What is your favorite genre?

The tattoo is a realistic tattoo, actual sizes and shadows. I would say that is my favoite if I had one.

What does your mother think of your tattoos?

I honestly don’t know, I am m sure she loves, my mom thinks anything I do is amazing, I could serve the worst food in Vancouver and she would still say I’m so proud of you!

What is your next tattoo going to be?

I was thinking of getting BRUNCH tattood on my knuckles because I love cooking a solid brunch service, but I thought it was too aggressive. If I do get one, mushrooms. I love them, I love ingredients that you don’t have to work. All you need is a little love and proper cooking and that’s it. Plus it follows theme.

How has having tattoos affected you culinary career, positively and or negatively?

Hasn’t really affected it at all. Everyone and their dogs have tattoos these days.

What food do you most like to prepare?

I like preparing healthy and simple food with a creative twist. But food you don’t have to over work.

Where have you worked in Vancouver?

I have worked at Lumiere (when DB took over) Shangri-la and I currently co-own Fable Kitchen.

Stay tuned for the next chef in the Chefs with Food Tattoos series.

By: Richard Wolak

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