Chef Simon McLeod

This series is a roundup of the talented chefs in our community who have food themed tattoos and here are their stories.

Chef  Simon McLeod

Chef Simon McLeod

Chef  Simon McLeod

Executive Chef at Kingston Taphouse and Grille 

When did you get your first food related tattoo and what was it? 

My only food related tattoo is my three quarter sleeve on my right arm that is currently in progress.  It contains some standard pieces (a chef’s knife, steel, carving fork) as well as my favourite ingredients.  Items that I either have a strong affinity to myself, or are items that I would sneak into every dish I created if I could.

Who was the Tattoo Artist? And which Tattoo studio did he/she work?

The work is being done by Chris Johne of Sacred Heart Tattoos on Nelson and Granville.

What style of tattoo art do you gravitate towards? What is your favorite genre?

I do not have a particular style that I lean towards; I generally let what I am looking to get tattooed, as well as location affect the style.  I prefer items with contrasts, more for visual appeal, as well to allow for clarity when others look at it.

What does your mother think of your tattoos?

My mother at first was very down on tattoos; standard reasoning of career opportunities, I would grow bored of them and the such.  Most of these were voiced during my time at university.  However, after a career change as well as the birth of my son she began to appreciate the beauty and significance tattoos can have.  In particular she loves the palm print I had done for my son.

What is your next tattoo going to be?

My sleeve is still being worked on and should be finished within the next month or so (I have decided to turn it into a full sleeve as well).  Though the next new tattoo will most likely be a palm print for my daughter next to my current one.

How has having tattoos affected you culinary career, positively and or negatively?

I personally have never ran into a situation where a tattoo has affected my culinary career, though I have had some interesting conversations from previous instructors, customers and employers that have caused me to pause and think about what I am getting and where I plan on having them placed.

What food do you most like to prepare?

I prefer to make simpler foods from honest ingredients.  I may play with a technique during the process, but at the end of the day I find that the food people want the most are items that remind them of pleasant times, make them feel good and that you can point to a map and identify where your food was sourced from.

Where have you worked in Vancouver?

To date I have only worked at the Kingston Taphouse.  I moved to BC originally to go to culinary school, and this was my first job in the province.  The Kingston helped me grow originally, and then the job continued to grow to stimulate me.

Stay tuned for the next chef in the Chefs with Food Tattoos series.

By: Richard Wolak

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