Canvas Lounge Celebrates 3 Years

On Friday night September 3rd I attended the 3yr Anniversary Bash at Canvas Lounge in Gastown. Proprietors, Vance Campbell and Simon Pearson-Roach were on hand to greet guests as was David K Wong, Ivan Chew and others. This was quite the fun party and I had a great time mingling and people watching; tasting and drinking. On Weekends this venue is a high energy dance club and this was no ordinary weekend, clearly this was the place to be on this Friday night as the packed house of guests enjoyed themselves.

Chef Doby created a menu of canape’s that circulated throughout the evening giving everyone a chance to taste some of the delicious bites along with their drinks.

My favourites were the Minced Lemongrass Fresh Water Prawn with Lemon Aioli and Whole Wheat Navajo Bread;  Snow Goat Cheese with Ground Hazelnut, Cognac Pate and Fig Preserve Tartlet; Baked Non Skin Potato with Guinness Cheddar and Oven Dried Prosciutto; and most of all I loved the outstanding Chocolate Espresso and Raspberry Cake with Chocolate Ganache and Marzipan.

Canvas Lounge is a large, full service special events venue located in Gastown at 99 Powell Street and online at

By: Richard Wolak

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