Food Talks Volume 1

Richard Wolak (moderator) & the panel of speakers (photo by: Dan Poh)

On June 5th we presented the first Food Talks Vancouver event that featured 5 inspirational speakers from our food community.

Chef Karen McAthy of W2 Media Cafe (photo by: Dan Poh)

The evening began at W2 Media Cafe on 111 West Hastings where guests mingled over Chef Karen McAthy’s Indian Summer inspired appetizers as well as an assortment of espresso beverages; along with red and white wine from Misconduct Wine Co.

Our 5 Speakers:

1st speaker: Mike McDermid (photo by: Dan Poh)

2nd speaker: Stephanie Yuen (photo by: Dan Poh)

3rd speaker: Hunter Moyes (photo by: Dan Poh)

4th speaker: Trevor Bird (photo by: Dan Poh)

5th speaker: Roberta LaQuaglia (photo by: Ariane Colenbrander)

Mike McDermid — Ocean Wise Manager at the Vancouver Aquarium

Stephanie Yuen – Food Writer & Author of “East Meets West”

Hunter J. Moyes – Chef at the Waldorf Hotel & Founder of The Tiffin Project

Chef Trevor Bird – Top Chef Canada Competitor & Chef/Owner Fable Kitchen

Roberta LaQuaglia — Operations Manager for Vancouver Farmers Markets

Richard Wolak moderated the panel of speakers for the interactive Q & A.

Helen Stortini the Executive Director of Growing Chefs spoke about her fine organization and the charity we are supporting with our Food Talk series of events.

Treats by Soirette Macaron

Soirette Macaron provided the creative Smore and match stick Macaron treats for everyone to take home at the end of the evening.

Richard Wolak (L) introducing Chef Trevor Bird (r) (photo by: Ariane Colenbrander)

More Photos taken by Ariane Colenbrander


Thank you to Dan Poh and Ariane Colenbrander for the photos, as well as our Videographer Geoff Peters, Jonathan Yee and all of our volunteers.

Tweets of the night

Last night’s #FoodTalksVan was great! @hunterjmoyes got to talk about the project, @ocean_wise represented, @83TBird was great – and more!

@DesireeRD @SoiretteMacaron I saved mine for an afternoon treat today. Totally looking forward to it! #FoodTalksVan

Totally loved the @SoiretteMacaron treat I got last night at#foodtalksvan. My favourite part? The spicy little cookie matches 🙂

405 new garden plots were created in Vancity in 2011. The city’s on track for 5,000 garden plots by 2020 cc @VanMarkets#FoodTalksVan

@vanfoodster #FoodTalksVan It was a great event, so thrilled to have been a part of it, Thank you!!

Thank you to all who came out to my first #FoodTalksVan event last night, great speakers, informative, interactive, successful!

Big thx to @vanfoodster for putting on a great event tonight! The speakers were all fantastic + I learned a lot. #FoodTalksVan

@vanfoodster #FoodTalksVan Vol 1 – what a success, and so honoured to have been a part of it. #goteducatedtonight and#inspired! Thank you!

@AndrewIntern945 @ronaksamadi Great meeting you both tonight! Hope you enjoyed the night and your treats! #goodtimes#FoodTalksVan – One of the many perks of volunteering at#FoodTalksVan – cute macaron treats from @SoiretteMacaron !

@vanfoodster Great job putting together the event and awesome line-up of speakers for the inaugural #FoodTalksVan! Look forward to #2!

Stephanie Yuen hopes shark fin is off menu in Vancouver restos in the next 5-10 yrs. Amen! #FoodTalksVan

Stephanie Yuen: All you can eat sushi joints have the worst quality food. I got your back Stephanie! #FoodTalksVan

Panel discussion #foodtalksvan going great!

spent the day with local & international raspberry farmers in Whatcom County. They are very hard working and passionate. #FoodTalksVan

Oceanwise has been trying to get Tojo’s on board for years… just saying. #FoodTalksVan

At #foodtalksvan … Q&A time – my first time at a food talk… So interesting! #SustainableFood @VanFoodste

RT @SandraGarcia_PR: Oceanwise has an iphone app that shows places around you that sell sustainable seafood. #FoodTalksVan

Oceanwise has an iphone app that shows places around you that sell sustainable seafood. #FoodTalksVan

@vanfoodster so happy to win a prize and attend #foodtalksvan

What a great event @vanfoodster !! #FoodTalksVan was a big success! Check out a photo of the panel! Question time!

Roberta LaQuaglia: Average age of farmers is 54 – we need more people to enter the local industry #FoodTalksVan

@VanMarkets: Farmers markets are mood enhancers! Come weekly (or bi-weekly) for a good dose of healthy endorphins. #FoodTalksVan

Next time you visit a farmers market, make sure you thank the farmers for actually coming out and bringing their delish food.#FoodTalksVan

Roberta LaQuaglia of Vancouver Farmers Markets: Thank your local grower the next time you see them! #FoodTalksVan

Roberta LaQuaglia: Ok to ask questions of the farmers & vendors but also say THANK YOU to them for being there #FoodTalksVan

“Jane-Of-All-Trades” Roberta LaQuaglia from @VanMarkets talks about the ‘Community’ markets at #FoodTalksVan

When was the last time you thanked your farmers for the work they do? @VanMarkets #FoodTalksVan #localfood

Farmers markets in Van a great buzz! @vanfoodster #FoodTalksVanpride & connection rules

Roberta LaQuaglia of Vancouver Farmers Markets says Main & Terminal market open tomorrow 3-7pm in front of Pacific Stn#FoodTalksVan

@VanMarkets: farmers markets are more than just food, they help to build community. Do you shop at your local farmers market?#FoodTalksVan

Our 5th speaker Roberta LaQuaglia of Vancouver Farmers Markets#FoodTalksVan @W2MediaCafe

@83TBird: It’s not just about local but knowing the farmer that grows your fd & their beliefs & your connection with that food#FoodTalksVan

#FoodTalksVan Roberta LaQuaglia @VanMarkets is the Operations Manager for Vancouver Farmers Markets

@83TBird “Just because it’s local doesn’t mean it’s sustainable”.#FoodTalksVan

@RajiKaur i didn’t know you were going to be there otherwise I would have come. I’m instead enjoying the 1st #foodtalksVan

Listening to @83TBird at #FoodTalksVan looking forward to tasting his farm to table cuisine @fable_kitchen

Listening to Top Chef Finalist, Trevor Bird, impromptu speech is hilarious! @83TBird #foodtalksvan

The hilarious author Stephanie Yeun & ingenious Hunter Moyes present at #FoodTalksVan

@83TBird loved cooking @topchefcanada because the pantry facilitated creativity… Fable inspired by the Rest Wars episode #foodtalksvan

@83TBird says @topchefcanada helped him live his dream with Fable… but industry in Vancouver is tough #foodtalksvan

Trevor Bird from Fable kitchen & 2 in top chef Canada on creativity, vision & making it! @vanfoodster #FoodTalksVan great work!

Just met @83TBird & can’t wait to hear all about his trials & tribulations on #TopChefCanada. Was there a lot of backstabbing?#FoodTalksVan

@hunterjmoyes starting an amazing project with local restos, charging for takeout containers, proceeds to urban agriculture#foodtalksvan

Food containers…waste less catering system…tiffin project…learn how to reduce waste, check it out:

#FoodTalksVan Hunter J. Moyes @hunterjmoyes is one of the chefs @ the Waldorf Hotel

About to listen to Chef @HunterJMoyes on stage, talking about kitchen safety, waste and local vs. import. He brought props.#FoodTalksVan

Hunter Moyes from Waldorf @vanfoodster on local, waste & food security #FoodTalksVan great stuff!

Stephanie Yuen discussing locally grown sources for Asian produce#FoodTalksVan #fb

#FoodTalksVan Stephanie Yuen (BeyondChopsticks) is the author of “East Meets West” Cookbook

Did you know Richmond and Fraser Valley farmers are now growing jicama? A new local food – yah! #FoodTalksVan

Only at #FoodTalksVan would someone catcall at the mention of gai lan 🙂

Stephanie Yuen @vanfoodster on Chinese food & writing .. Great food talk #FoodTalksVan awesome!

Stephanie Yuen recently published book called “East meets West” speaking! #FoodTalksVan

Checking out #FoodTalksVan hosted by @vanfoodster. Amazing guests and speakers. @83TBird is in the house!

Listening to #FoodTalksVan via @vanfoodster featuring @83TBirdwith @bennettchin (@ W2 Media Cafe) [pic]:

“never doubt that a comitted group of thoughtful citizens can change the world.” #FoodTalksVan

Oceanwise program involves 3100 restaurants in Canada on a voluntary basis… amazing! #foodtalksvan

Excited for the speaker lineup at #FoodTalksVan. Thanx for the invitation @gracecheung604. And great hosting job@Vanfoodster…Bravo!

3,100 restaurants and businesses have partnered with #oceanwise in the eight years they’ve been established! #FoodTalksVan

Chefs are great about local seasonal sustainable @vanfoodster local restaurants active! #FoodTalksVan

Van Aquarium ocean wise inspiration @vanfoodster great speak on environment #FoodTalksVan sustainability rules!

1.2 billion people on this earth rely on seafood for their protein – Mike McDermid @ocean_wise #FoodTalksVan @vanfoodster

#FoodTalksVan Mike McDermid is the Ocean Wise Manager at the Vancouver Aquarium @Ocean_Wise

Excited that Mike from @ocean_wise is here at #FoodTalksVan to share the message of being a sustainable foodie 🙂 @vanfoodster

Great turnout for @vanfoodster‘s #foodtalksvan – seen familiar faces & looks like it’s gonna be a great discussion

At #FoodTalksVan … Such an awesome event and tasty food – Can’t wait for the Q&A! Thanks for the invite @

@SepBaz pretty awesome that I recognized you from the @SFUSMAMarketer’s Night event! Enjoy #FoodTalksVan!

Busy @vanfoodster can’t wait to hear about van creative food#FoodTalksVan Cheers

At the first ever #FoodTalksVan show with @sherrymatin – Everyones getting liquored up while waiting for the speakers!

@W2MediaCafe 2 tickle my tastebuds @SoiretteMacaron 2 satisfy my sweettooth @misconductwines 2 quench my thirst @vanfoodster‘s#FoodTalksVan

Food Talks Volume 1 is now underway #FoodTalksVan@W2MediaCafe

 By: Richard Wolak

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