Unni Pastries Tasting

Specializing in Korean donuts and pastries, husband and wife Garrett and Esther Lee founded Unni Pastries together, both are bakers who studied at Vancouver Community College in the culinary arts program. Esther’s parents used to run their own bakery out on Lougheed and she had years of experience helping them in the bakery. They recently increased their production and offerings by moving into a local commissary in Vancouver’s Kitsilano neighbourhood.

I tried several of items from their baked goods collection including:

Cream Brioche standing tall and filled with a delicious light cream filling.

Soboto (Korean) Streusel bread

Red Bean Brioche one of my favourites, light brioche filled with sweet red bean filling.

Sugar Toast lightly sugared on the outside and tasty and soft on the inside.

Strawberry Cream donuts were exceptional filled with cream and sliced strawberries

Matcha filled donuts were delicious with the matcha tea filling.

Big Hero sugared twist donut was very good

Sausage with a Twist delicious sweet donut on the outside with a beef wiener on the inside making for a savoury and sweet donut creation.

Unnni Pastries takes preorders throughout the week for pickup at 1605 West 5th Avenue, as well they deliver throughout greater Vancouver. Follow them on Instagram @unnipastries you can also call them at (604) 828-7476.

By: Richard Wolak

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