First Taste of The Belgian Chocolate Café

With a Belgian and Australian connection, a beautiful new chocolate focused café has opened on the edge of Yaletown across from the Parq Vancouver hotel. With it’s high ceilings this corner café features, long marble desserts bar, seating and a great view of the pastry case, chocolate fountain and the espresso bar.

Their menu showcases their Australian coffee along with freshly baked pastries, waffles, along with signature chocolate desserts, cakes and more.

Waffle topped with fruits

Milk chocolate dome

Speculous cake

Dark chocolate deluxe


I’ve tried a selection of treats which included their Waffle topped with fruits, vanilla ice cream and liquid chocolate; Milk chocolate dome; Speculous cake; Dark chocolate deluxe; Cortado and some of their Belgian chocolates.

The Belgian Chocolate Café is located at 30 Smithe Street in Vancouver. You can reach them by phone at (778) 951-8828 and follow them on Instagram @thebelgianchocolatecafe

By: Richard Wolak

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