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3825 Main St, Vancouver

Tel: 604-876-3474


Twitter: @thefishcounter

Advice: Closed Mondays, no seats, stand-up counter for eating inside or take it to go.

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If you have been following the sustainability seafood movement locally in recent years, then you have come to know about Ocean Wise the program that has certified species of fish and seafood as sustainable, you may not have been aware of its two co-founders Mike McDermid and Chef Robert Clark. Often I find myself following a chef to their new abode, in this case I have followed both of these leaders in sustainability.

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These two guys have knocked it out of the ballpark with a home run so to speak offering us the best selection of sustainable fish on the market side for consumers to cook at home, as well they have a fridge featuring prepared meals to take away. The star of the eatery/market is the kitchen corner where they are cooking up the best fish and chips you are going to find in this area, it’s a stretch to ever say the best as everyone has their own palate and tastes, you be the judge and I am pretty sure you are going to share the same sentiments.

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Cod Fish Taco

Cod Fish Taco

Halibut & Salmon Fish & Chips

Halibut & Salmon Fish & Chips

The menu board features a selection of fish and chips, you can order a single or double piece of fish (you will always get a bonus), choose from halibut, salmon, cod, snapper or others to come. I had a Cod Fish Taco ($5.95 each) that was outstanding, I also had a 2 piece of the Halibut Fish & Chips ($18.90) except I substituted one piece of salmon for the 2nd halibut so that I could try both, was served with an outstanding kale slaw. You will also find oysters, chowders and more rounding out the menu.

With their established relationships with local fishermen, you are going to see fish and seafood delivered daily and it’s going to be the best you can find in the city. This is a spot that I know I will be visiting every chance I get.

Review by: Richard Wolak

Vancouver, BC V5V 3P2, Canada

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