Marquis Wine Cellars

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1034 Davie St, Vancouver

Phone: (604) 684-0445


Twitter: @MarquisWineCell

Advice:  Open 11am-9pm daily.

This fall Owner John Clerides unveiled his new wine store after close to a year of construction that doubled the size of the existing store. The idea is to further educate his customers by offering them wines that match experiences they are wanting. The store is now not only a wine destination but a destination for foodies wanting to purchase wine for dinners, date night and other experiences.

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John gave me a tour around the store, one thing that I liked was the theme stands such as Date Night, where you could pick up a bottle from the selection and know that it would be the perfect choice, or you may be cooking seafood for dinner and may want to pair with the best wine, now you can do this. One thing that takes their customer service even further is the new Tasting Bar, you can come by anytime and have a complimentary taste of any or all of the 16 rotating wines on offer, and if you have any questions you can ask away, talking about a great way to educate customers this is a terrific new service.

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For the wine collector or wine aficionado you can visit the cellar which offers high end bottles of wine from all over the world, perfect for that special occasion whatever that may be. The stores website is a valuable resource as well such as the information on Food and Wine pairing, personally I love the section showcasing the Best of BC that features wines from all over British Columbia.

Review by: Richard Wolak

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