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Food Glorious Food is a weekly podcast about food, drinks, and restaurants in Vancouver. From opening to closures, food challenges, and more, we’ll be talking about it every week. Hosted by Vancouver Foodsters Richard Wolak & Zahra Alani.

Food Glorious Food — episode 76

We talk about Upcoming Foodie Events @BCRFA hall of fame dinner, @VCCCulinaryArts chefs table series, @tastingplates plus the Vancouver Sushi Roll Challenge #SushiRollChallengeYVR , a Happy Hour promo @Glowbal_Group and New Restaurants featuring The Italians Kitchen & Bar, @MarysonDavie Mumbai Local and Angus T Bakery.

Food Glorious Food — episode 75

We talk about the @bodegaonmain 3rd Anniversary party, restaurant gossip @CiboTrattoria  @PizzaPizzaLtd @LaTaqueriaYVR @MamieTaylors the #SangriaChallengeYVR also talked about the New Restaurants @MeinhardtFoods The Sauce Pasta Cafe, Hon’s Wonton House, Their There, and The Garden. 

Food Glorious Food — episode 74

We talk about Roaster Central at Espressotec, Upcoming Foodie Events, highlights from Feast of Fields and New Restaurants featuring Pepino’s Spaghetti House, Grain Vegetarian Fare and Our Town Cafe.

Food Glorious Food — episode 73

We talk about our restaurant feature on Tamam @TamamVEV  Upcoming Foodie Events @SKOOKUMFestival @ffcf plus New Restaurants featuring Bombay Kitchen and bar, Bambu, Hon’s Won Ton, Kafka’s Coffee Tea, and Purebread Bakery.

Food Glorious Food — episode 72

We talk about our restaurant feature on Juniper @eatatjuniper ; Restaurant closures, Upcoming Foodie Events @tastingplates , plus New Restaurants featuring @brewhallyvr , Origo Club, Little Juke @jukefriedchix and Kokomo.

Food Glorious Food — episode 71

We talk about our restaurant feature on Casablanca Crepe; our Neighborhood feature is on Library Square Downtown, we will also be talking about the #PokeChallengeYVR plus New Restaurants featuring Fiore Familia and Hugo’s Mexican Kitchen, lastly talking about the #IceTeachallengeyvr

Food Glorious Food –episode 70

We talk about our Patio series and feature @JoeFortesVan Upcoming Foodie Events, 
Restaurant feature on John 3:16 Malaysian Delights, Neighborhood feature on Fraserhood, New Restaurants featuring @thepoke5 @belcafeyvr @beanbanhmi

Food Glorious Food — episode 69

We talk about our Patio series and feature @The_Sandbar  #ChickenWingsChallengeYVR Restaurant feature on The Rise Eatery, Neighborhood feature on Cambie Village, New Restaurants featuring Tandoori Flame, Fun Hei Tea and Dessert and @HustlePizzaCo lastly we talk about the #CrepeChallengeYVR

Food Glorious Food — episode 68

We talk about our Patio series and feature @ProvenceMarina Upcoming Foodie events @MamieTaylors @tastingplates Restaurant feature on #Fiore annd lastly we talk about our Neighborhood feature on South Granville.

Food Glorious Food –episode 67

We talk about our Patio series and feature @tapandbarrel #shipyards Craft Brewery feature on @Luppolo_Brewing Neighborhood feature on Chinatown, lastly we talk about a New Restaurants @IZAKAYA_Gons @ddmau #Cacao70

Food Glorious Food — episode 66

We talk about our new Patio series and feature @waterstcafe Craft Brewery feature on @SpinnakersS plus Upcoming Foodie Events @ItalianDay @tastingplates @GreekDay  Neighborhood feature on Commercial Drive, lastly we talk about a New Restaurant Jos Restaurant in Coal Harbour.

Food Glorious Food — episode 65

We talk about our new Patio series and feature @The_Teahouse  Craft Brewery feature @DageraadBeer restaurant feature @CopperChimney_1  and a Neighborhood feature on Kerrisdale, plus highlights of the @VegExpo  lastly we talk about a New Restaurant Nana’s Green Tea.

Food Glorious Food — episode 64

We talk about Craft Brewery feature @TwinSailsBeer  Upcoming Foodie Events

@ChefsTableBC @tastingplates @VegExpo and a Neighborhood feature on North Vancouver Lower Lonsdale.

Food Glorious Food — episode 63

We talk about Craft Brewery feature @Backcountry604 Restaurant Closures, Neighborhood feature on Gastownand New Restaurants featuring Hey Dumplings, Sopra Sotto, Centro Denman and @yumsweetshop and lastly the #TacoChallengeYVR

Food Glorious Food — episode 62

We talk about Craft Brewery feature @EastVanBrewing Neighborhood feature on the Westend, upcoming foodie events @EatDrinkBuyBC  @ChefsTableBC 

@tastingplates review of @BCDistilled and New Restaurants, and lastly the #CookieChallengeYVR

Food Glorious Food — episode 61

We talk about Craft Brewery feature @RedTruckBeer feature on the @vanmag_com restaurant award winners, Upcoming Foodie Events @befreshlocal  @GourmetWHouse we also talk about our new Neighborhood feature, this week we are profiling Kitsilano; and lastly the #MartiniChallengeYVR

Food Glorious Food — episode 60

We talk about Craft Brewery feature @SteelAndOak Upcoming Foodie Events @foodtalksca @BCHospitality @ChefsTableBC  and New Restuarants #moltaqavancouver #PitchFork and #PacificPoke and the #PizzaChallengeYVR 

Food Glorious Food — episode 59

We talk about  Craft Brewery feature @redracerbrew recap on @BCProduceBC Healthy Chef competition, Upcoming Foodie Events @foodtalksca  and New Restaurants #SweetSomethings and #colettegrandcafe

Food Glorious Food — episode 58

We talk about @picachef  Craft Brewery feature @MarinerBeer Upcoming Foodie Events @PacificRS @tastingplates  @winebcdotcom  Feature on the Pacific North West @SemiahmooResort @BrunoFeldeisen and the @vanmag_com  Restaurant Awards finalists.

Food Glorious Food — episode 57

We talk about Pi Day and taste @limeandmoon pie, this week’s Craft brewery feature is on @redracerbrew @CentralCityBrew Upcoming Foodie Events on @the_herbal_chef @PacificRS  @tastingplates  plus our Restaurant feature on @eatatjuniper and Chef Warren Chow. New Restaurants, this week we featured #ajsbklynpizzajoint @Virtuous_Pie  #jackfrostcafe ; lastly we featured the #CurryChallengeYVR

Food Glorious Food — episode 56

We talk Foodie news @CRADiningGuide  Chinese Restaurant Awards, our new Craft Brewery feature on @bridgebrewcrew  Upcoming Foodie Events @BCProduceBC @EWineBC Restaurant feature on @fablekitchen plus the Pescetarian Tasting menu @ancoradining and we talked about a couple of New Restaurants @TheBlenheimPub  @coquillevan

Food Glorious Food — episode 55

We talk Foodie news @cheffelixzhou @marksingson plus restaurant closures, a restaurant feature @ProvenceMarina and New Restaurants @htastinglounge  @LaTaqueriaYVR  @MeetYaletown #MrMustache and lastly we talked about the #PlantBasedChallengeYVR

Food Glorious Food — episide 54

We talk Foodie gossip @ChompVegan   @Au_Comptoir , Jewish festival of Purim, restaurant feature on Viet House and Upcoming Foodie events @tastingplates and New Restaurants including @rollingcashew Kulinarya Filipino Eatery and Barrique Restaurant.

Food Glorious Food — episode 53

We talk about Chef Lien in our Restaurant feature, talked Chinese New Year feasting @PeacefulResto we also talked about places to celebrated Valentines around the city featuring @waterstcafe @twgteaca  @JoeFortesVan @JulesBistro  @Au_Comptoir @blvdyvr @Au_Comptoir  @LABATTOIR_VAN 

@thaaschocolates @WildebeestYVR  lastly we featured some New Restaurants #TheVictor @parqvancouverbc @thepiehole @balilahummus

and @autostrada_van 

Food Glorious Food — episode 52

We talk Foodie gossip @BlazePizza and Upcoming Foodie events  #hotchocolatefest #PizzaPaloozaYVR New Restaurants including #stemjapanese  #smokeandbonesbbq #alepheatery #seoultruckstreetfood

Food Glorious Food — episode 51

We talk about Foodie Gossip, Restaurant feature on @NovoPizzeria  Upcoming Foodie events @panpacificvan @thecascaderoom @tastingplates New Restaurants @dibepperestaurant @PivaRestaurant  We also talked about the Vancouver Coffee Drink Challenge.

Food Glorious Food — episode 50

We talk about Upcoming Foodie events, Restaurant feature @rwhotelgeorgia  #1927lobbylounge New Restaurants including @Glowbal_Group  #GCItalianKitchen #Stormcitycoffee #chimenvan @RestaurantYugo @Rootsfruitscafe we also did a round-up of new restaurants about to open over the next couple of months.

Food Glorious Food — episode 49

We talk about Upcoming Foodie Events, plus a Dim Sum Restaurant feature @parqvancouverbc #1886Restaurant and a Restaurant feature on @laquerciayvr  talking about some Restaurant Closures, and New Restaurants #atlasburnaby #manoushehbc #spadevancouver #AfghanKitchen and #panidorbakery

Food Glorious Food — episode 48

We talk about Upcoming Foodie Events including @HopscotchNews @tastingplates plus a Restaurant feature on their new menu @LaMezcaleriaYVR and a Brunch feature @H2restaurant

Food Glorious Food — episode 47

We talk about @makNming @mangiaescappaif  Upcoming Events including @tastingplates a Travel Feature on @Kingfisherspa a Restaurant feature on @madrasspice6260 plus a New Restaurant Mrkt East @parqvancouverbc

Food Glorious Food — episode 46

We talk about @ChefAlexChen Upcoming Events including @foodtalksca @tastingplates @BeanstockFest   a new Fall Menu restaurant features on @Wedgewoodhotel plus New Restaurants #HoneySalt @parqvancouverbc #ProspectPointCafe and @aperturecoffee

Food Glorious Food — episode 45

We talk about @BCBeerAwards Upcoming Events including @MarquisWineCell @BauhausRest a Coffee Roasters feature on @BlvdRoasting @MilanoRoasters  @Timbertrain  @mojacoffee  @ROCANINI @PalletCoffee  @agroroasters an Italian Wine feature, plus New Restaurants #1886 @parqvancouverbc @TwoRiversMeats @BosaFoods #TheNarcissus #BeereBrewingCompany lastly we talk about @vanfoodster #BurgerchallengeYVR

Food Glorious Food — episode 44

We talk about @GrandiMarchi wine tasting, a @Parallel49Beer and @redracerbrew beer feature, a Maple Ridge restaurant feature on @deliziebakery and #gratiabakeryandcafe we also talk about restaurant closures, and upcoming events including @MarquisWineCell  @tastingplates @foodtalksca  @tricitywinefest plus New Restaurants @parqvancouverbc and @daviedosa Lastly we talk about @vanfoodster #PastachallengeYVR

Food Glorious Food — episode 43

We talk about upcoming events @tastingplates @foodtalksca  @UBCgarden plus New Restaurants #bellsandwhistlesyvr #YuwaJapaneseRestaurant and #FreshWindowVan @drewcooks

Food Glorious Food — episode 42

We talk about upcoming events @iyaletown Taste of Yaletown, we talk Thanksgiving ideas featuring @thecascaderoom @CiboTrattoria @blvdyvr  @RailtownCafe @thaaschocolates plus New Restaurants @thepiehole @politoscafebc #NoriUbc

Food Glorious Food — episode 41

We talk about upcoming events @turkscoffee  @MilanoRoasters, and a Restaurant feature on the Mid-Autumn Festival@WesternLake plus New Restaurants @cacao70official ‏ @RailtownCafe

Food Glorious Food — episode 40

We talk about @H2restaurant with a bartender feature with Dylan Williams, upcoming events @TastingPlates @MilanoRoasters, and New Restaurants including Cafe Floret and @TacofinoVAN #oasis lastly we talk about the Vancouver Sandwich Challenge.

Food Glorious Food — episode 39

We talk about @SlickityJims with a restaurant feature, upcoming events, and New Restaurants including @pacificpokemain #UBC @maizalyvr #IgnitePizzeria and #CaffeMiralastly we talk about the Vancouver Margarita Challenge.

Food Glorious Food — episode 38

We talk about @Falconettis some breweries visited this summer @Backcountry604 @fieldhousebeer Upcoming Event @VanMarkets , talk about some restaurant closures and featured New Restaurants @UIThai2 , Zenstone Coffee, Bad Dog Bread and The Ellis.

Food Glorious Food — episode 37

We talk about @centralparkfarm in Langley, the new brunch menu @JoeFortesVan , Upcoming Event @ffcf @MVFeastofFields and feature New Food Truck @comearepavan and New Restaurants @ortopasta L’atelier Patisserie, and Dosanko.

Food Glorious Food — episode 36

We talk about the new summer menu at Coast Restaurant @Glowbal_Group , and some restaurant closures; plus new local plant based Nora’s Ice Cream; and feature New Restaurants @ILoveChickpea #Kokomo and #Varaderocafe; lastly we talk about the Vancouver Salad Challenge and some Rose wine suggestions.

Food Glorious Food — episode 35

We talk a new summer menu feature @PawnShopYVR , Upcoming Foodie Events, plus a Desserts Food Truck feature @CannolikingVan @Slavicrolls @sayhellosweets and New Restaurants @umalumagelato Rhinofish Noodle Bar and Innocent Ice Cream.

Food Glorious Food — episode 34

We feature the new @BauhausRest Summer Tasting Menu, plus New Restaurants @RoysIndian @BucketsIceCream @H2restaurant #MasitaKoreanKitchen #TsHome and #SugarLab

Food Glorious Food — episode 33

We talk a food market feature with @RmdNightMarket plus, New Restaurants @stretchpizza @SLKitchenandBar #LuchaVerde

Food Glorious Food — episode 32

We talk upcoming events featuring @ubcfarm  Joy of Feeding, @yvrfoodfest @coastaljazz #VanJazzFest @tastingplates @IndianSummerCND @VanFolkFest plus a wine feature with @BlackHillsWine and a restaurant Brunch feature @housespecialvan plus a Restaurant feature on @ChefAlexChen @blvdyvr and a new Restaurants feature on @Parallel49Beer and #IceQueen and a feature on @vanfoodster‘s #ChickenWingsChallengeYVR

Food Glorious Food — episode 31

We talk upcoming events featuring @ItalianDay @tastingplates  plus a wine feature with @CassiniCellars and a restaurant feature on @flatbreadCo plus, New Restaurants @myassembli @PappaRotiCanada and #Friendly

Food Glorious Food — episode 30

We talk wine @VanUrbanWinery plus a wine feature with @liquiditywines and New Restaurants @senpadthai @77kfreeze #mukjakoreancuisine #eatatyui

Food Glorious Food — episode 29

We talk Wine with @PaintedRockWine restaurant feature on @India_Bistro and @CiboTrattoria and New Restaurants @fayucaville @albucopizza @whiskeysixbbq @mandalaykitchen

Food Glorious Food — episode 28

We talk upcoming events @tastingplates Natural Wine/Food Pairing @BurdockAndCo , Fraser Valley Restaurant feature @restaurant62 , Restaurant feature @hendricksyvr and featured New Restaurants @PawnShopYVR @straightbkpizza , plus the Vancouver #CaesarChallengeYVR

Food Glorious Food — episode 27

We talk food news @VanMarkets, upcoming events @FortBeerFest @tastingplates Wine feature on @UVAVancouver  and featured New Restaurants @LiftBakery @welcomeparlour @Leclairdegenie and La Churreria.

Food Glorious Food — episode 26

We talk restaurant news @MilanoRoasters @CiboTrattoria, upcoming events @thesaltycookie @windsormeatsyvr Restaurant Brunch feature on @bodegaonmain and featured New Restaurants @jinyaramenbar @welcomeparlour and Nemesis Coffee.

Food Glorious Food – – episode 25

We talk restaurant news @CiboTrattoria , upcoming events @menschdeli @tastingplates and featured New Restaurants @ForkhillHouse @ArborVancouver @PradoCafe

Food Glorious Food — episode 24

We talk restaurant news @Spacca_NapoliPM , upcoming events @FrenchGourmands  @tastingplates Restaurant Dim Sum feature on Fisherman’s Terrace,  and featured @movingcoffee New brewery/eatery @AndinaBrewingCo and new restaurant Dazzling Café.

Food Glorious Food — episode 23

We talk restaurant news, upcoming events @HummusExpress , Restaurant Brunch feature on @TenTenTapas Afternoon Tea at Bay Moorings, and featured New restaurants @masaladobo @shinytea_canada and the Baker and Table Cafe.

Food Glorious Food — episode 22

We talk restaurant news, upcoming events @VanDOFL Restaurant feature on @VanMarriott #showcasevan and featured New restaurants @Jamjarondrive @hendricksyvr and Mon Paris.

Food Glorious Food — episode 21

We talk restaurant news, upcoming events @BCDistilled , Restaurant brunch feature on @Eatheritagenow and featured New restaurants @ChaLeTea @TheGrayOlive and The Eastwood, plus featured the Vancouver Pizza Challenge #PizzaChallengeYVR

Food Glorious Food — episode 20

We talk restaurant roundup, restaurant Dim Sum feature on @WesternLake and featured New restaurants @PasturetoPlate DolPan Seoul BBQ, Oz Korean Cuisine, and Black Milk Water Cafe.

Food Glorious Food — episode 19

We talk restaurant roundup, featuring some restaurant closures, upcoming events including @myVCC @tastingplates @BCProduceBC . This week we featured @SwadVancouver and these new restaurants @Musettecaffe Midam Richmond and Sulmida Richmond.

Food Glorious Food — episode 18

We talk restaurant roundup, featuring some restaurant closures, upcoming events including @ChefsTableBC @tastingplates. This week we featured these new restaurants @theholycrabca @PalletCoffee @befreshlocal and West Village Cafe.

Food Glorious Food — episode 17

Our Valentine’s Edition featuring Valentine’s Treats @fratellibakery @RoseRocksalt @BonMacaronVic @karamellercandy  @SollysBagelry @ganacheyaletown @Chez_Christophe
@Lisa_Lous @luckysdoughnuts @LoveSoirette Valentine Dinners @Au_Comptoir @blvdyvr Valentine’s Experiences @secretgardentea @UVAVancouver @bodegaonmain @AiandOm and Valentine’s Cocktails @blvdyvr @LABATTOIR_VAN we also talked about upcoming events.

Food Glorious Food — episode 16

We talk restaurant roundup, featuring some restaurant closures, restaurant feature on The Lido in @VisitRichmondBC we also talked about upcoming events. This week we featured these new restaurants @RailtownCafe Punto Pasta and Haru Korean Kitchen.

Food Glorious Food — episode 15

We talk restaurant roundup, featuring @CRADiningGuide Diners choice awards,  as well as some restaurant closures, restaurant feature @baodownsnackbar we also talked about upcoming events. This week we featured these new restaurants @hearthstonebeer @tractorfoods @HNLcoffeeVAN

Food Glorious Food — episode 14

We talked restaurant roundup, featuring some restaurant closures, restaurant feature Bay Moorings, talked about upcoming events including the Vancouver International Wine Festival @VanWineFest This week we featured these new restaurants @makNming Cacao 70 and Bao Bakery!

Food Glorious Food — episode 13

We talk restaurant roundup, featuring some restaurant closures, restaurant feature @NightingaleRest talked about upcoming events @HummusExpress and chef @marksingson greasy spoon dinner. We featured @DineOutVanFest restaurants and events! This week we featured these new restaurants @PeakedPies @Fifebakery @dosafactoryvan @koftakitchen

Food Glorious Food — episode 12

Our Holiday episode! with new Restaurants & cafes including The Apron & Federal Store. We talk the Mexican Chefs Festival, Noodle mania, The Brunch Crawls, Art, Eat & Sip plus all the new places set to open between now & January.

Food Glorious Food — episode 11

This week we talk about a few of Vancouver’s many enterprising chefs including Mark Singson, Juno Kim & Dallah El. We spotlight one of Vancouver’s oldest greasy spoons the Argo café, and Jethro’s Grub open a new location in the West End.

Food Glorious Food — episode 10

This week talk about a new Vancouver bar charity known as ‘Buy Ben a Beer’. Richard tells us about his upcoming Chinatown Tasting plates get tickets here. & A new cafe opens up on W4th Cafe Lokal Plus get your tickets to the Family matters Pop-up HERE

Food Glorious Food — episode 9

This week Richard & Drex talk new restaurants including Bibo Pizza al Taglio in Olympic Village. Maru Korean Bistro in North Vancouver. A new butcher shop with local meats called Urban Digs farm Butchery, and a new Strathcona Brewery Luppolo Brewing

Food Glorious Food — episode 8

This week we talk about the Golden Owl Nightlife Awards the Vancouver Jewish Film Festival Plus new openings including Firecrust Pizzeria, Efendi Ughyur & Klaus Strudel Haus open a Schnitzel brick & mortar in North Vancouver

Food Glorious Food — episode 7

This week we talk the BC Beer Awards. Richard’s upcoming Food talks. We check out a few Pizza joints in Gastown. Plus we profile new restaurants including Olive & Ruby,Three Quarters Full, and Cacao.

Food Glorious Food — episode 6

This week we feature new restaurants including Breakfast Table and we chat about their coffee collaboration with Milano Roasters, and the Heritage Asian Eatery and their BAO.

Food Glorious Food — episode 5

This week we chat about the new Korean Dessert Cafe Passion8 on Cambie. We talk Strudel with Klaus from Klaus’s Kaffee Haus in Chinatown. Plus the Vancouver Foodster Spaghetti Challenge.

Food Glorious Food — episode 4

This week we talk Trump-themed cocktails at the Vancouver Improv Centre, Places to eat this Thanksgiving. plus new places to eat including Vegetarian Workshop cafe, Wishing Treats, Fable Diner & Salchicha on Granville.

Food Glorious Food — episode 3

This week Richard & Drex chat about two new openings, a new Ice Cream place in Kerrisdale called MagiCream. And a new Trees Coffee location in the South Granville area of Vancouver with 9 types of Cheesecake.

Food Glorious Food — episode 2

This week we talk more about the new Vancouver food craze known as Poke, we take a look at the Poke place known as POKERITTO, we go inside THE PIE SHOPPE with Richard to talk ice cream & pumpkins. And VIRTUOUS PIE has vegas pizza on offer with their own housemade vegan cheese.

Food Glorious Food – episode 1 

This week we talk Mensch’s Jewish Deli, Chi, & Poke time.

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