2586 Commercial Drive, Vancouver

Tel: (604) 620-7686

Web: https://thejamilas.com/

Instagram @jamilas_afghan_cuisine_

Advice: Counter service

This is the ultimate fast casual eatery for Afghan cuisine located in the Commercial Drive neighbourhood. The majority of the prices are the same for many of the dishses making for easy ordering that fits the budget.

I have dined solo over a couple of visits trying the delicious Afghan Mantoo Dumplings filled with ground beef mixed in onions and afghan spices, served with creamy garlic yogurt and a hearty tomato-based lentil sauce. Another dish that went well with the latter was the Boolanee stuffed with mashed potatoes, onions and fresh herbs, served with homemade yogurt sauce.

On a different visit, I had the Chicken Shami with 2 skewers chicken thigh ground mixed with fresh afghan spices, cooked in perfection, served with your choice of rice, I chose the delicious Afghan Qabuli Rice.

There are many different appetizers, entrees and sides to choose from and all are prepared quickly for eating in or take out. If you are looking for an affordable dinner on the drive, this a must visit spot.

Review by: Richard Wolak