Momo Hut Dine Out 2024

I was invited in to try the Dine Out Vancouver dinner menu of their 3 course $20 prix fixe which I did recently. The dishes are all shown below and I noted which ones were my favourites from the 3 course menu that I tried. For this year’s dine out festival the restaurant has put together

Momo Hut in East Vancouver and is featuring a wonderful menu for this year’s Dine Out Vancouver festival that starts today and goes through to February 4. Here is a preview of our delicious dinner where they are offering a Nepalese theme for this year’s dine out menu, It is only $20 for the 3-course menu, and they are also offering an optional momo sampler for an extra charge.


VEG- Crunchy Veg Momo


Crunchy Chicken Momo


Malay Momo, this dish features a delicious creamy malay sauce and I loved it.

2nd Course ENTREES

Sprouted 9 Beans Curry (this is a specialty dish that originates in Nepal), this dish was my favourite of the 3 options as it is unique, nutritious and it is also vegetarian.


Mustang Chicken Curry (this is a specialty dish that originates in Nepal)


Goat Curry (extra $3)

3rd Course DESSERTS

Mango Vanilla Ice cream


Royal Gulab Jamun with mango mousse; and this one was delicious and my favurite.

They are also offering a Momo sampler for an extra charge of $6 (optional add-on)

I love all the dishes they are presenting on their dine out menu and for only $20 you have some choices as well this meal represents a great value. If you haven’t been to Momo Hut in the past, now is the time to do so.

Momo Hut’s dine out menu can be seen here.

Momo Hut is located at 6372 Fraser Street in Vancouver.

By: Richard Wolak