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Cooking with the Burgerland Smashup Burger Kit

Continuing with my home cooking adventures during the covid19 pandemic, had some fun trying out one of the new Smash Burger kits that Burgerland Smashup recently launched. I got the Oklahoma Fried Onion and Cheese 4 Pack Smashburger Kit and…

Cowichan Pasta Company

Vancouver Island based Cowichan Pasta Company works with local farmers  to grow both ancient grains and modern grains for their pasta production which is then milled at True Grain Mill and Bakery. Matt Horn founded the company in 2010 first…

Local Shortbread by Peche Mignon

Locally produced shortbread doesn’t get any better than Peche Mignon. I finally had a chance to meet owners Vivien and Beng recently who are the founders of this local company that has been producing savoury and sweet shortbread for the…

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