Playlist Kitchen Cookbook

Local Author Becky Van Drunen recently wrote this fund and exciting cookbook that merges tasty recipes along with musical playlists that celebrates music of the 90’s.

I made a recipe from her book called – As Long As you Love Chickpea —which was paired with a selection of songs by the Backstreet Boys.

Listen to my interview with Becky on Episode 65 of The Vanfoodster Podcast here.

Playlist Kitchen is her music, it’s her food, it’s her memories, and it’s the soundtrack to her joy. So, go ahead, turn the page, turn on that music, and create the next volume of your joy – an upbeat cooking experience that will help you reconnect with the comfort of the kitchen and the magic of the music that brings memories to life.

You can find her books here.

By: Richard Wolak

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