Fast East Cheap Vegan Cookbook

This new book by Author Sam Turnbull is a great reminder on how we should always eat healthier with more vegan dishes in our diets. Fast Easy Cheap Vegan features 101 plant-based recipes, this book was just released by publisher Appetite by Random House.

Some people think that a vegan diet can be too time-consuming, too much work, and too expensive! In Sam Turnbull’s Fast Easy Cheap Vegan, she’s busting those myths and showing us just how simple (with 10 ingredients or fewer), inexpensive (for $10 or less), and quick (in 30 minutes or less) it can be to cook delicious plant-based comfort food at home.

Last week I made a couple of recipes from the book including the Creamy Miso Udon Noodles and the Chickpea Lettuce Wraps. I just had to make one ingredient substitution using lemon  instead of the lime as I didn’t have one on hand. These were both delicious and fairly simple to make and serve.

There are many other recipes that I am looking forward to make which include the Oatmeal Breakfast cookies on page 66, and the Apple Chickpea Salad on page 121, and the Low-Maintenance Lo Mein on page 138, and the Mini Berry Crisp on page 207.

You can get the cookbooks online from Amazon and other bookstores throughout the country.

By: Richard Wolak

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