Takeout at Raisu Restaurant

Most restaurants have always offered takeout, as the industry was forced to change due to the COVID-19 pandemic, dining in became dining out. When restaurants were forced to close their dining rooms they had to get creative. Some have created special meal kits others have created take condensed take-out menus and others have offered their regular menu with discounts for pick up and such.

Back in the Spring, I had to switch my almost nightly eating out in restaurants to eating takeout at home. In the Summer it was back to dining outside on the restaurants patios and as we approach Winter it is now back to eating Takeout at home. One way of keeping your favourite restaurants in business is to purchase takeout meals now. Whether you had been dining out nightly or once a week, you can do the same from home. This is one of the ways to keep the restaurants, cafes and bakeries and such going along with their suppliers and their staff.

Here is one of the restaurants takeout offerings that I have experienced recently.

Takeout at Raisu Restaurant

Enjoyed a delicious Japanese dinner to share at home the other night.

Spicy Lobster Cream Udon, an outstanding dish with Grilled 5oz whole lobster tail, soft boiled egg with Japanese Sanuki Udon in sea urchin cream soup.

Seafood Bara Chirashi, delicious with Fresh seafood cubes are festively spread on top of Raisu original sushi rice mix with root vegetables and Shiitake mushroom.

Omakase Aburi Sushi (8pc) loved this selection of pressed sushi with 4 kinds of toppings.

100% Wagyu Croquet – 100%Wagyu with homemade panko Japanese Tartar sauce and Tonkatsu sauce.

Corn And Brussels Sprout Karaage, tasty dish with Deep fried fresh BC corn and brussels sprouts with truffle butter salt.

Ocean Green Salad, refreshing with fresh aromatic Japanase greens, radish sprouts, shredded cabbage, and thinly sliced onions are brightly balanced with simple yet flavorful Shio Konbu kdried tiny shrimp and sardines.

Yuzu Tuna Tataki, tasty with Yuzu flavored tuna tataki with ponzu jelly.

Deep Fried Jumbo Scallops 2pc – Snow crab stuffed fresh panko breaded fried scallops.

 House-made fluffy Souffle Cheesecake

They are offering their regular menu for ordering daily 11:30am – 9pm for Dine-in or Takeout another great eating option during this #covid_19 pandemic

Raisu Restaurant

2340 W 4th Ave, Vancouver

Tel: (604) 620-1564

Web: http://www.raisu.ca/food-dinner

Instagram: @raisu2340

Stay tuned for the next feature in my Takeout series.

By: Richard Wolak

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