You Wanna Piece of Me? Cookbook

You Want a Piece of Me? recently released and written by Vancouver based Author Jenell Parsons who is also founder and owner of The Pie Hole. Published by Appetite – Random House. 

More than 100 Seriously Tasty Recipes for Sweet and Savory Pies

I have known Jenell since the beginning when she first started selling her pies out of a commissary, over the years she has built a loyal following for pies along with a few of her own stores around the city.

One of her chapters is devoted to Feeling Crusty and features different types of pie crusts you can make along with the recipes.

Another chapter is devoted to Savoury pies for dinner; and Eat your Veggies; and another all about Apple Pies; and another on Freshly Picked (fruits). There is also a chapter on Nuts; Cream of the Crop; We’re Special too; and Extra Extra (other recipes); and Ready to Crumble and more.

Some recipes that look worthy of trying are:

Apple Brown Butter Rosemary Pie on page 107

Blueberry Pie on page 121

Horchata Cream Pie on page 183

Nanaimo Bar Pie on page 192

Vietnamese Coffee Pie on page 213

You can find her books across the country at Amazon

By: Richard Wolak

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