Cooking with the Rocky Mountain Flatbread Frying Pan Pizza Kit

Continuing with my home cooking adventures during the covid19 pandemic, had some fun trying out one of the new Frying Pan Pizza kits that  Rocky Mountain Flatbread recently launched.

I made a couple of pizzas with the Pizza Kit which gave me a chance to practice and learn how to make a proper round pizza from a ready-to-stretch dough ball. Each kit comes with all the pre-portioned ingredients and recipes to make 2 Margherita pizzas; making for a tasty Dinner for Two.

Each Frying Pan Pizza Kit contains two servings (2 pizzas!) and includes fresh local ingredients from their restaurant kitchens. The step by step cooking instructions demonstrate the frying pan pizza method which cooks the base of the pizza on the stove top and finishes it off under the broiler for that forno-fired pizza taste.  

The first pizza that I made was a vegetarian version of the Margherita, after going through the steps listed on the recipe and watching their pizza making video, I then worked on flattening the dough, and shaping it into a round circle to fit the pizza pan.

The next step was to add the toppings and these pre-portioned ingredients had the steps layed out to follow with ease. Ingredients were parmesan, for di latte, fresh basil, and the ready-to-stretch dough ball. The second pizza that I made was with added chorizo to the Margherita.

The Greater Vancouver Food Bank will receive a $1 donation for each pizza kit ordered for take out at Rocky’s two Vancouver restaurants, Main Street and Kitsilano.

Frying Pan Pizza Kits are available via Doordash, and for takeout and online ordering from Rocky’s website at

By: Richard Wolak

Disclosure: I received a complimentary media package, however, all opinions are my own.

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