Garagiste North Wine Fest

Bradley Cooper - Black Cloud Wine

Bradley Cooper – Black Cloud Wine

Known as The ‘Small Guys’ Wine Festival showcasing small case lot artisan wines from the ‘Garagistes’ of BC, I had a chance to taste some of these fine wines on June 27th at the Wise Hall in Vancouver. In order to be considered a small lot producer, the said winery produced under 2,000 cases of a particular wine each year. Often many of these wineries choose to remain small, and boutique in order to maintain quality and be in high demand.


These are some of the gems that I discovered from the many who participated.

Rob Westbury - Nagging Doubt

Rob Westbury – Nagging Doubt

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Nagging Doubt

Twitter @NagDoubtWines

Rob and Abby Westbury –Kelowna –making “The Pull” #Bordeaux blend and a Viognier

Marichel Winery

Marichel Winery

Marichel Winery

Twitter @MarichelWinery

Richard Roskell –Naramata – making a very good Syrah

Garry Thygesen - Skaha Vineyards

Garry Thygesen – Skaha Vineyards

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Skaha Vineyard

Twitter @KrazeLegzWine

making some killer wine under Skaha Vineyard label — Garry and Sue Thygesen –Kaleden—making a range of very good wine including  their Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay, Ice Wine and a Port

James Schlosser  - Niche Wines

James Schlosser – Niche Wines

Niche Wine Co

Twitter @nichewineco

James and Joanna Schlosser — West Kelowna – making a very good Foch

Black Cloud

Black Cloud

Black Cloud

Twitter @Blackcloudwine

Bradley Cooper and Audralee Daum – Penticton –making very good Pinot Noir


Look for wines from these Okanagan region wineries in Vancouver area restaurants and stores, you may want to visit Garagiste North online.

By: Richard Wolak

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