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Foxtrot Winemaker’s Dinner at Bauhaus

On August 20, I attended this spectacular dinner featuring notable BC winemaker Foxtrot Vineyards. I was fortunate to be seated next to Torsten Allander who is the founder of the winery along with his wife Kikki; as well as Winemaker…

Garagiste North Wine Fest

Known as The ‘Small Guys’ Wine Festival showcasing small case lot artisan wines from the ‘Garagistes’ of BC, I had a chance to taste some of these fine wines on June 27th at the Wise Hall in Vancouver. In order…

Bloom Spring Release Tasting

I attended this annual celebration of BC Wines on May 22, the tasting featured wines from many of the wineries across all regions in BC. This afternoon trade tasting was held at the Vancouver Convention Centre where guests I had…

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