Crema Ice Cream Truck

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Specializing in Latino and Asian Fusion Ice Cream, husband and wife Joe and Heidi set out to open an ice creamery that celebrates the cultures of both their heritage’s.

They had the idea back in 2019 and it got all set up and ready to launch in the spring of 2020 right when covid hit. They use high quality ingredients and dairy from Birchwood in Abbotsford; they make everything else from scratch including all of the components that goes into each of their ice creams. Their production kitchen is in Coho Commissary and they ship via Doordash for people who wish to order pints delivered to their homes. They also make some vegan flavours and use oak milk for those.

Their food truck has a mobile license and they go to various locations around Metro Vancouver most weekends. Going forward from now through the summer they will be operating Wednesday – Sunday.

I had a chance to visit and try some of this past weekends flavours with Lawrence who tasted some as well.

3 Scoop Cone — bottom was the delicious Mexican Vanilla Chocolate Chip Pecan (bottom), Dulce de Leche (middle), and Cuban Pastel (top)

2 Scoop cup (mini)— bottom — Royal Milk Tea, and the yummy Berries Tres Leches (top)

Lawrence had a 2 scoop cone -and he loved both of these unique flavours, the Cuban pastel (bottom), and White Chocolate and Strawberries (top) vegan.

They also make up pints of their ice cream which is available for pickup at their commissary as well as local delivery through Doordash.

Keep your eye out for this food truck for tasty ice cream treats around the city.

Review by: Richard Wolak

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