First Taste of J Squared Ice Cream

Owned by husband and wife, both of their names start with the letter J, hence the name of this ice cream shop. While Jenny was pregnant she was craving ice cream and both of her favourite shops were miles away, and this is where the quest for their own ice cream shop began.

As the couple loved all things tea, they decided to create an ice cream shop that is all about tea flavours; they learned the ice cream making process and decided on a location in the Blundell & Garden City Plaza.

I have tasted all of their tea flavours as well as a few non-tea flavours which included a delicious Cinnamon Toast Crunch flavour as well as a couple of others. The ice cream is about the full dairy cream experience, there is no vegan and no glutenfree, at least for now.

As Jenny explained, as they are using speciality tea leaves the process of making the ice cream is quite complex often taking 2-1/2 days to make so if they sell out of a flavour it may take some time to restock.

Masala Chai (bottom) & London Fog (top)
Japanese Black Sesame (bottom) & Shanghai Fog (top)

Our favourites were the Masala Chai, London Fog, Japanese Black Sesame and the Shanghai Fog; and of course we also loved the Cinnamon Toast Crunch too.

The ice cream shop is now open daily from 12pm – 9pm.

J Squared Ice Cream is located at 405 – 9100 Blundell Road (at Garden City), in Richmond; you can follow them on instagram @jsquaredicecream

By: Richard Wolak

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