Mystery Kitchen Tour Encore

Chef David Hawksworth

I attended the Mystery Kitchen Tour Encore last night, held at the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts on Granville Island. Featured were some of the top chefs from around Vancouver and BC who created some amazing dishes for everyone to taste. Each dish was paired to a wine and guests mingled about going from kitchen to kitchen tasting and sipping. There were 8 kitchens and 8 mystery chefs who created these wonderful dishes for tasting.

Chef Jennifer Peters of Raincity Grill

Chef Andrew Springett - Black Rock Resort

Pica Chef Aaron assisting Chef Springett

Chef Andrew Springett: Coriander Cracker Fenugreek Spiced Lamb Tenderloin, Okanagan Peach Chutney, Amber Lamb Curry

This was the third in a series of fundraisers to raise money for the Canadian Chefs Congress September 11-12  where 500 chefs from across Canada will gather on Vancouver Island to talk sustainable seafood together. Here are some of my the dishes sampled during the evening along with the talented chefs.

Chef Brian Fowke - Kitsilano Daily Kitchen

Chef Quang Dang from Diva at the Met

Chef Quang Dang's Seared albacore tuna elephant heart plums cucumbers and salted plum vinigrette

Chef Chris Irving of Pourhouse

Chef Chris Irving's Smoked fanny bay oyster wellington, Colorado porcini duxelle, okanagan peach marmalade, watercress purée

My favourite dishes of the night were #1 Chef Vikram Vij’s: Braised Goat Meat in Fenugreek Curry with Date Chutney & Mint Chutney; #2 Chef Chris Irving’s Smoked Fanny Bay Oyster Wellington, Colorado Porcini Duxelle, Okanagan peach Marmalade, Watercress Purée and #3 all the Chocolate desserts prepared by the Pacific Institute of Culinary Art’s pastry team.

Chef Vikram Vij of Vij's

Chef Vikram Vij’s: Braised Goat Meat in Fenugreek Curry with Date Chutney & Mint Chutney

Patrick Murphy (l) & Chef Julian Bond (r)

Patrick & Lee Murphy of Vista d'oro

Pica's Coffee Truffles

Pica's Dessert Selection

Pica's Chocolate Truffles

All the wines were generously donated by the participating wineries for the event.

By: Richard Wolak


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