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567 Hornby Street, Vancouver

Tel: 604-689-8862


Twitter: @CopperChimney_1

Advice: Reservations suggested.

Garam Masala Steak Naan Flatbread

Garam Masala Steak Naan Flatbread

Mumbai Chili

Mumbai Chili

Bombay Braised Beef Short Ribs

Bombay Braised Beef Short Ribs

Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken

Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun

As I entered this grande dining room which boasts an impressive staircase to an upstairs seating area, I was struck with an immediate warmth of the room that is adjacent to the Hotel Le Soleil centrally located in downtown Vancouver. There is an open kitchen along the side with comfy seating throughout. My friend Ivan Diaz joined me to share some dishes, we each started out with a glass of Malbec followed by the delicious and very unique Garam Masala Steak Naan Flatbread ($14); followed by the spicy Mumbai Chili ($17) with chorizo sausage and lamb; served with Bhangra naan, and raita salsa. I then had the outstanding Bombay Braised Beef Short Ribs ($21) tender and flavourful beef that was served with mashed potatoes and sambal green beans; and Ivan had the delicious Butter Chicken ($22) basmati rice, Indian seasonal vegetables, and naan bread. For dessert we shared the Gulab Jamun ($9) a heavenly dessert in a warm syrup with coconut flakes!

The emphasis is on Indian fusion and the menu is filled with a variety of snacks which are ideal for sharing, salads, favourites, along with selections from the grill, sides, breads and some desserts. I am looking forward to returning soon to try more dishes.

Review by: Richard Wolak



2313 Main Street, Vancouver

Tel: (604) 872-8779


Twitter: @NirvanaOnMain

Advice: Reservations suggested. Specify the spice (heat) level for the dishes you order. Share dishes with your friends.

Chicken Tinka

Chicken Tinka

Vegetable Pakoras (Bhaji)

Vegetable Pakoras (Bhaji)

Located in the heart of the Mount Pleasant neighborhood is the longest standing Indian restaurant in the city, having opened in 1971. It’s taken me that long to finally visit this gem serving traditional North Indian cuisine. My friend Ivan joined me to share some dishes, starting out with the delicious Chicken Tinka, skewers of chicken served upright, with a slightly spicy and sweet sauce. Next were the delicious Vegetable Pakoras (Bhaji) ($3.95) made of Spinach, Cauliflower, Potatoes, Cilantro & Ginger and lightly battered with seasoned Chick Pea flour making the dish gluten-free.

Kashmiri Chicken

Kashmiri Chicken

Chicken Byriani

Chicken Byriani



Garlic & Basil Naan

Garlic & Basil Naan



We then shared a couple of mains including the outstanding Kashmiri Chicken ($13.95) with cashews, almonds and poppy seeds; along with the delicious Chicken Byriani ($12.95) Basmati Rice flavoured with Saffron and cooked with boneless, tender meat, nuts & herbs served with Raita; we also had a couple of their freshly made breads to go along with the Kashmiri Chicken dish, a Garlic & Basil Naan ($2.50) and Whole Wheat Paratha ($1.50).

We each had a cup of Chai as we were too full to indulge in dessert this time around. You’ll find all your Indian favourites on the menu along with some new creations from the Northern India region.

Review by: Richard Wolak


shanti 1 4191 Main St, Vancouver

Tel: 604-568-7699


Twitter: @ShantisCurries

Advice: Communal tables for sharing. No reservations. Bring your own wine (they provide the glasses. And if you can’t finish the bottle they will re-cork it and seal it for you to take home).

Samosa Chaat

Samosa Chaat

Malabar Fish Curry

Malabar Fish Curry

Inspired by the food they grew up eating at home, co-owners Danila and Sonny have created a menu of delicious eats based on the recipes Danila’s mom Shanti cooked. It’s a wonderful place that is bright, sustainable and provokes sharing tables with others and perhaps conversation. I had the Samosa Chaat ($9) potato, peas, chutneys, yogurt, onion & cilantro made with 2 delicious samosas; I also had the outstanding Malabar Fish Curry ($15) with ling cod and a delicious sweet and spicy curry that was served with Non-GMO white basmati rice.

You will find an array of curries from chicken, beef and fish to vegetarian, along with samosas, raita and more, they are licensed with beer and ciders, and of course there is chai which is house-made.

Review by: Richard Wolak


photo 1 (85)

789 Kingsway, Vancouver

Tel: 604-559-7050


Twitter: @KiliSnackHouse

Advice: Small with limited seating, no reservations.



Nylon Bhajia

Nylon Bhajia

Chana Bateta

Chana Bateta

Masala Paratha

Masala Paratha

So fortunate we are to have restaurants that are off the beaten path, somewhat hidden offering delicious food from their home country. I found one of these places that offers an eclectic variety of East African delicacies. They are a snack house which carries a different meaning in their culture than ours, they have an exciting menu of dishes, many of which you may have never heard of or tasted. In addition to snacks they offer a selection of changing main dishes nightly. I visited for a late lunch staring off with a cup of Chai, followed by the Nylon Bhajia ($6.95) thinly sliced potatoes, battered in chickpea flour with spices, very unique & tasty! One of the other snacks that I had was the delicious Chana Bateta ($5.95) almost like a soup with chickpeas, potatoes, chevdo & daal bhajia in their special sauce. I had the Masala Paratha thin almost like a pancake with spices, so good, I also tried one of their Meat Samosas which was crispy and full of meat.

This is a spot you are going to want to visit often and I can’t wait to return to taste and discover more dishes.

Review by: Richard Wolak

Palki Restaurant Tasting in North Van

I was invited in to dine with a group of media recently at Palki Restaurant in North Vancouver to taste some of their dishes.

1st dish:

Meat Samosas

Meat Samosas – Deep fried pastries filled with minced meat, onions, cilantro and green peas

2nd dish:

Vegetable Samosas

Vegetable Samosas – Spiced vegetables stuffed in a savoury pastry

3rd dish:

Chicken Pakora

Chicken Pakora – Deep fried battered boneless chicken with Indian spices

4th dish:

Prawn Pakora

Prawn Pakora – Deep fried battered prawn with Indian spices

5th dish:

Lamb Rogan Josh

Lamb Rogan Josh – Boneless lamb cooked in chef’s special sauce

6th dish:

Chicken Hariyali Kebob

Chicken Hariyali Kebob – Chicken white meat marinated with ginger, garlic, and spices, delicately roasted in the Tandoor

7th dish:

Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken – Boneless chicken first broiled in the Tandoor and then cooked in a butter and cream sauce

8th dish:

Prawn Goan Curry

Prawn Goan Curry – A unique combination of coriander and coconut curry

9th dish:

Gobi Aloo

Gobi Aloo – Fresh cauliflower and potatoes cooked with fresh coriander, ginger and tomatoes

10th dish:

Saag Paneer

Saag Paneer – Pureed spinach and paneer cooked with freshly ground spices


Kashmiri Naan

Kashmiri Naan -Stuffed bread with dry fruit

Garlic Naan

Garlic Naan – Indian style garlic and basil bread

Onion Naan

Onion Naan – Indian style onion and cilantro

11th dish:

Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun

12th dish:

Rice Pudding

Rice Pudding

My take:

Since I have dined at Palki’s other location on Commercial Drive previously, I knew what to expect in the types of dishes we were going to be served, many of those I liked and was happy to partake again. I did try some new dishes this time around and my favourites of the meal were the Chicken Hariyali Kebob –tender chicken that was properly spiced and it’s a dish with lots of vegetables as well; Saag Paneer – pureed spinach and paneer was delicious; Butter Chicken – I am not usually fond of most butter chicken dishes as they are often too creamy and rich for my liking, this version was much lighter and flavourful; I loved the Prawn Pakora over the Chicken Pakora as it was more of a texture in the type of dish as well appropriately spiced, the Prawn Goan Curry was outstanding and I loved the coriander and coconut curry, my favorite Kashmiri Naan is on the menu here as well, it could almost be a dessert as its filed with crushed dried fruits; of the savoury naans my favourite was the Garlic Naan. With the two dessert choices that were served both were good, though I preferred the Rice Pudding as it wasn’t as heavy as the latter.

Palki Restaurant

116 E 15 Street, North Vancouver

Tel: (604) 986-7555


Twitter: @PalkiRestNVan

Advice: Share dishes if you go with a friend or two.

By: Richard Wolak


2066 Commercial Dr, Vancouver

Tel: (604) 215-7556


Twitter: @ChefSiddharthas

Advice: Share dishes with friends.

The Drive as it’s often described to the locals is a neighborhood which is filled with a variety of ethnic eateries. You can eat all sorts of different foods from the many cultures represented in the city, one of which is Indian and this was a great spot for a visit. I had heard about Chef Siddartha and his eatery by way of another wonderful chef who owns another Indian restaurant on the West side of the city, knowing how good his food was, this was a must try for me.


Vegetable Korma

Chicken Tikka Masala


I was sharing some dishes with a friend over lunch starting off with delicious Vegetable Korma ($10.50) and the spicy Chicken Tikka Masala ($10.99) which was served with a warm basket of freshly baked Naan. To end our meal they served us a refreshing complimentary dish of watermelon balls. There are many dishes on the menu that I look forward to trying on a future visit, including the Peshavvari Naan, Chicken Haryali,  Grilled vegetables with Makhni sauce, and Tiger Prawns Coconut Curry.

Review by: Richard Wolak



1130 Commercial Drive, Vancouver

Tel: 604-215-1130


Twitter: @PalkiRestaurant

Advice: Specify the spice (heat) level for the dishes you order. Share dishes with your friends.

Himalaya Blended Shake

I have fond memories of visits to London years ago and eating delish Indian cuisine, of all of the Indian restaurants that I have eaten at locally, Palki comes the closest I have found to the type of Indian cuisine I had savoured in the UK. This is one of those eateries you are going to want to have a friend or two along so that you can order a multitude of dishes just as I did. For me my dining adventure began with their delicious Himalaya Blended Shake with cardamom, pepper, pistachio and mixed nuts.

Onion Bhajia

Fish Pakora

I then had a few appetizers including the Onion Bhajia ($5.95) deep fried battered onion with Indian paprika which I loved along with the Fish Pakora ($8.50) another deep fried dish of Cod fish coated with batter with a delicious mint and tamarind chutney.

Kashmiri Naan

Coconut Naan

I then had an order of the outstanding Kashmiri Naan ($4) stuffed bread with dry fruit and I could have had at least another order just for me, it was that good. I also had an order of the Coconut Naan ($4) which I found to be dry for my tastes.

Prawn Coconut Curry

Chicken and Cashew Onion Curry

Saag Paneer

Navrattan Korma

Garlic Naan

Brown Rice

Next was the delicious Prawn Coconut Curry ($14.50) a unique combination of coriander and coconut curry that is full of flavour, my favourite dish of the night. My 2nd favourite dish was the Chicken and Cashew Onion Curry ($13.50) so good. The other main dishes that I had were the Saag Paneer ($11.50) Pureed spinach and paneer cooked with freshly ground spices along with the delish Navrattan Korma ($11.95) Vegetables cooked in a tangy tomato and cream sauce and mildly spiced. Added an order of the tasty Garlic Naan ($3) Indian style garlic and basil bread along with an order of Brown Rice that went well with the curries.

Mango Kulfi

To finish this fine meal, I had the house specialty delish Mango Kulfiwith Mango, Cardamom, pistachio. The menu is vast with many different traditional dishes, they have notations for dairy and gluten free which is helpful for diners looking for these options. I have been craving the Kashmiri Naan for days since my last visit and I am looking forward to my next visit to taste more dishes.

Review by: Richard Wolak



1026 Granville Street, Vancouver

Tel: 604-678-1049


Twitter: @glowbal_group

Advice: Reserve one of the upstairs ‘beds’ for that special occasion.

I love this room with the high ceilings, motifs and Middle-Eastern decor. The kitchen is located towards the back with the long bar running along the side towards the front, sitting anywhere downstairs is ideal for enjoying the atmosphere and the ambiance. The menu boasts selections from along the Silk Route with an array of tastes with influences from Spain, Morocco, Egypt and India.

White Sand Cocktail

I had dinner here recently and had a tasting menu created by Chef Mike Robbins, I left it up to him to put together a tasting menu for me, it was what become a journey for my tastebuds.  I started off with the White Sand Cocktail ($9) created by the bartender to match the dishes that I was about to eat.

Falafel stuffed with beef shortrib,

Mediterranean Ribs

Grilled Octopus

The first dish was the Falafel stuffed with beef shortrib, on a bed of hummus; next was the yummy and tender Mediterranean Ribs ($7.50) olive oil, parmesan, espelette lime, crisp fried herb. A dish that I would not have thought to order was outstanding, Grilled Octopus ($7.50) crushed potato, mussels, chilies chorizo, cauliflower, olive oil.

Vindaloo Prawns

Egyptian Spiced Striploin

Moving on to the entrees, I had one of their Indian specialties the Vindaloo Prawns ($17.50) that came with mango chutney, cucumber raita and pappadum. Next was the delicious Egyptian Spiced Striploin ($20.50) cauliflower puree, roasted tomato & eggplant, madera jus  Chef Mike explained the meat was marinated for 24 hours in Onion water.

Cardamom baked yoghurt (l) & Flourless Chinese 5 Spice Chocolate Cake (r)

For dessert I had the light Cardamom baked yoghurt Okanagan fruit compote and the Flourless Chinese 5 Spice Chocolate Cake with a sweet red bean sauce.

Review by: Richard Wolak

Atithi Celebrates 2 Years

Chef Harbinder Singh (L) & Chef Roy Abhishek (R-chef/owner)

On Monday February 7, I attended the 2nd Anniversary Multi-Course Bengali dinner hosted by Atithi Indian Restaurant in Kitsilano. They invited some media friends to a 7 course tasting menu to celebrate their anniversary.

Chef Roy Abhishek welcomed everyone and described the Bengali meal we were about to enjoy. He described the ingredients and provided origins of the spices and vegetables. Each dish was unique and delicious, the flavours weren’t anything we have been accustomed to in this area.

Banana Blossom Cutlets with masala mayonnaise

The meal began with the 1st Appetizer, Banana Blossom Cutlets with masala mayonnaise.

Calcutta Khati Roll stuffed with paneer with English cucumber salad

The 2nd Appetizer was the Calcutta Khati Roll stuffed with paneer with English cucumber salad

Bitter Gourd with sweet organic squash sabji

The 3rd dish was the first of 4 entrees, the Bitter Gourd with sweet organic squash sabji

Mahi Mahi in mustard curry

The 4th dish was the Fresh Mahi Mahi in mustard curry

Chicken in Yogurt Curry with lentil cake

The 5th dish was the Chicken in Yogurt Curry with lentil cake

Bengali style Goat curry with mashed taro roots

The 6th dish was Bengali style Goat curry with mashed taro roots

Mango Mousse with sweet paneer and a Cardamom Cream Brulee Chocolate

We ended the meal with 7th dish, a Mango Mousse with sweet paneer and a Cardamom Cream Brulee Chocolate

Atithi Indian Restaurant is located at 2445 Burrard Street (near Broadway) and online at

By: Richard Wolak



1102 West Broadway, Vancouver

Tel: 604-568-9001


Twitter: n/a

Advice: Order one of the curry specials. Most of the food is soy free.

Vegi Curry

Gulab Jamun

I was happy to visit Chef Roy Abhishek’s recently opened Indian snack bar and that I did a few days ago with a stop in for a late lunch. You will know Chef Roy from his other restaurant Atithi. The menu on the chalkboards here are fairly simple, featuring a few vegi and meat curries, snacks such as samosas, chicken rolls, jackfruit pakora and more, after all this is an Indian Snack Bar. I had the Vegi Curry — ($7.84) Beans, Pumpkin & Carrot in a delicious Black Pepper Curry served with rice, roti, and side salad, afterwards I ordered the delicious and warm Gulab Jamun ($3.50) 3 gulab jamun balls, I was then served a complimentary cup of Chai which was a perfect complement to the Gulab Jamun dessert. On the beverage side you will find a couple of different chai, a couple of lassi, and coffee.

By: Richard Wolak


7215 Main Street, Vancouver

Tel: 604-327-8900


Twitter: n/a

Advice: Reservations suggested.

With many Indian restaurants on this stretch of Main Street, finding the best one can daunting. The other night my friend Debby and I dined at this wonderful restaurant which boasted friendly and courteous service an extensive menu of Indian specialties as well as a large vegetarian selection. Since my friend and I wanted to try as many dishes as we could we both ordered one of their special meals.

House Special

Dinner Special

I had the House Special ($19.95) chicken tikka, lamb tikka, fish tikka, kebab, rice, tandoori prawns, daal, and  vegi paneer tikka. Debby had the Dinner Special ($17.95) chicken tikka, butter chicken, lamb curry, rice, raita, and gulab jamun.

Mango Ice Cream

Since dessert didn’t come with my meal, dessert to end my meal was a must and I went with the Mango Ice Cream ($3.95) for dessert.

Review by: Richard Wolak


281-1689 Johnston Street , Vancouver

Tel: 604-662-7778


Twitter: @curry2u

Advice: Check out Tiffin Thursdays. Open market hours.

Rice Bowl with Butter Chicken

Located inside the Granville Island Public Market is a fairly small kiosk serving up tasty Indian dishes, I’ve eaten here several times in the past, most recently I had the Rice Bowl ($8) with Butter Chicken and Naan. There are all sorts of curries on offer from chicken to vegetables, along with basmati rice, samosas, naan and more with many specials daily. Great place to visit when you are shopping at the market, follow them on twitter for their daily specials and musings!

Review by: Richard Wolak


4413 Main St, Vancouver

Tel: 604-879-2020


Advice: No reservations, sit anywhere you wish and have a taste of their chai.

Wild Salmon Rice Bowl

Nutty Gypsy

I’ve been coming here ever since they opened this eastside location where I love the ambience and the food. The dining room if you could call it that isn’t anything like you have seen around the city, I can’t really call it cozy but it is very unique. The wooden seats are covered with afghan rugs and the tables are made of wooden logs and the incense burns from afar. Most nights there is live music with musicians on the sitar and other eastern instruments which adds to the pleasure of dining here. I have had most of the Eastern Roti Rolls on the menu, on my most recent visit I had the delicious Wild Salmon Rice Bowl ($8.50) baked miso salmon in coconut milk, lime leaves and red/green thai curry. Also for my beverage I had one of their amazing milkshakes, the Nutty Gypsy ($4.50) made with soy milk and frozen yogurt, mixed nuts, cardamom, cinnamon, and chocolate. I am also a fan of their Turkish Chill and Himalyan High milkshakes.

Review by: Richard Wolak


1157 Davie Street, Vancouver
Tel: 604-684-6342


Advice: Specify the spice (heat) level for the dishes you order. Share dishes with your friends. Best to come for dinner.

Chicken Spinach

Vegetable Jalfrazi

Steamed Rice

Garlic Naan

I have dined here many times over the years and always enjoy the ambience, service, presentation and the tasty dishes.  I have eaten almost all the dishes on the menu, most recently my friend and I shared some dishes and had the Chicken Spinach ($11.95) boneless chicken with spinach, cooked with garlic, ginger & Indian spices; Vegetable Jalfrazi ($10.95) seasonal fresh vegetables with onion, bell peppers, tomato in a light curry sauce; Steamed Rice ($2.95) plain steamed rice; and Garlic Naan ($2.50) white leavened bread flavored with garlic & basil. There is an extensive selection of Vegetarian items along with soups, salads, curries, appetizers, tandoori sizzlers, naan breads, rice specialties, seafood, chicken, lamb and a good range of desserts including my favourite Gulabjamun the dark brown round shaped cheese balls comes in a honey syrup.

Review by: Richard Wolak


5688 Fraser Street, Vancouver

Tel: 604-324-2200


Advice: Call ahead for pick-up or delivery. 2 for 1 Pizza Deals are the way to go.

Butter Chicken Pizza

Places that specialize in Take Out Pizza are a dime a dozen around Vancouver, I heard that Camy’s offers an array of specialty pizzas in addition to the regular selection with a focus on Indian toppings. I had the Butter Chicken Pizza (Small for $12.49) a butter chicken sauce, mushrooms, onions, green pepper, boneless chicken, banana pepper and roasted garlic. I also ordered a Vegetarian Pizza (Small for $12.49) with a creamy white sauce, topped with cheese, mushrooms, pineapple and red pepper which was delicious. There are all sorts of toppings to choose from including tandoori chicken, veggie paneer, shahi paneer, jalapeno and more.

Vegi Pizza (left) & Butter Chicken Pizza (right)

Upon request they can make your pizza on thick, thin, hand tossed or wholewheat crust. In addition to the pizzas, there is also baked pasta and baby back ribs. Ordering their specialty pizzas is the way to go here.

Review by: Richard Wolak

An Indian Tasting Dinner at Jolly’s

Jolly Kumar - Chef - Jolly's Indian Bistro

I dined with a group of media friends recently at Jolly’s, a wonderful restaurant in Kitsilano that is a purveyor of fine Indian cuisine. Although we had a select menu, we were often surprised to see more and more dishes making there way from the kitchen where Chef/Owner Jolly Kumar worked his craft. This dinner turned out to be quite the flavourful feast.


Samosa – Potato and peas wrapped in light pastry served with peas and chutney

Lamb Boti Kabab (Spicy) – Marinated lamb cutlets in chilies and rare

spices tandoori  oven roasts served with a small salad.

Pakoras – Bite size pieces of mixed vegetable, crisp fried in chickpea flour batter

Dosa with Paneer – South Indian Crepe stuffed with paneer served with daal and chutneys

Mango, Mint and Yoghurt sauces

Naan stuffed with chicken


Dosa with Paneer

Lamb Boti Kabab

Naan stuffed with chicken


Goa Fish Fry – cod fillet marinated with spices and lemon juice brought to perfection with onion sauce

Delhi 6 Daal – Black lentils simmered slowly with kidney beans, and brought to

perfection with desi ghee ginger and garlic taka

Kashmiri Lamb Rogenjosh – Leg of lamb pressure booked with rare mixed spices and mint

Butter Chicken ala Jolly – Boneless chicken breast marinated with yoghurt and

tandoori masala, roasted and infused with light cream sauce.

Mumbai Chicken Masala – Stuffed chicken breast with spinach and paneer

with tomato and mushroom chutney

Butter Chicken ala Jolly

Goa Fish Fry

Kashmiri Lamb Rogenjosh

Mumbai Chicken Masala


Ras Mala – Indian cottage cheese flat dumplings in pistachio, rosewater and saffron infused milk

Carrot Cake – Exotically spiced carrot cake with real cream cheese icing

Chocolate Cake – chocolate cake served with whipped cream

Chocolate Cake, Ras Mala, Carrot Cake


Pina Colada – Light rum, pineapple juice and coconut cream

Indian Temple – Grenadine, orange syrup, seven up and whiskey

Indian Temple

This was a wonderful night which gave me a chance to taste a variety of Indian dishes for the first time at this restaurant. Jolly’s has been in the neighborhood for several years, recently moving a couple of blocks west to a larger more elegant space. I very much enjoyed the hospitality during the evening, of course I had some standout dishes and these included the Samosa, Dosa with Paneer, Kashmiri Lamb Rogenjosh and the Butter Chicken.

I hope you have enjoyed the journey and I encourage you to visit Jolly’s Indian Bistro at 2928 West 4th Avenue in Vancouver.

By: Richard Wolak


2445 Burrard street, Vancouver
Tel: 604-731-0221


Twitter: @eatindianatithi

Advice: Their online menu seems to offer different items than the restaurant menu, if you like a dish that you don’t see in the restaurant just ask.

Naan filled with nuts and fruit

Naan filled with nuts and fruit

I am happy to have found another place where you can experience the flavours of authentic Indian cuisine. Some of the flavours that I enjoyed here were the mango, jackfruit and the curry, the food isn’t spicy it is delicate and tasty. I heard about the wonderful dishes that the chef/owner Chef Abhishek Roy who has cooked in some of the finest Indian restaurants had been cooking and I had to give it a try. Atithi (means Honoured Guest) and the service is wonderful, the restaurant is fairly small and could be missed as the traffic goes past, this is a gem worth discovering. After I ordered, I was served a papadum (Indian cracker) with a flavorful mint and tamarind chutney to tempt my tastebuds. For an appetizer I had the Naan bread filled with nuts and fruit ($2.50) — (not on the menu, ask for it), for my main meal I had the Mango Chicken ($14.95) served with basmati rice and a green salad with pomegranates and plain naan. This dish is not on the regular menu either, it is on the Chefs special menu, just ask and they will make it. The naan bread here is flat unlike the traditional varieties you would find at most Indian restaurants.

Mango Chicken

Mango Chicken

I can’t wait to go back for a return visit for their lunch buffet which is offered Mon-Fri 11:30-2:30pm for $8.95 that includes 3 non-vegetarian items, 3 vegetarian items, rice, salad and 2 desserts.

Review by: Richard Wolak


1488 West 11th Avenue, Vancouver
Tel: 604-736-5711


Advice: They don’t’ take reservations.


Rangoli 2

Located next door to the sister restaurant Vij’s, Rangoli is the more casual of the two, a gem that is bright and colourful with an open kitchen for viewing the team of chefs preparing your dishes. It is a restaurant and a market which sells packaged versions of most of the same foods they serve in the restaurant, ideal for you to take home and prepare in minutes. I love dining in and over the years I have had many different dishes including the Black Chickpea, Peas and Onion Cakes in Spicy Coconut Curry ($12.50) with vegetable rice pilaf; the Tamarind and Yogurt Marinated Grilled Chicken ($16) with sprouts salad, rice and naan; and the  Lamb in cumin and light cream curry ($14.50) with salad, rice and naan. The Ginger Lemon Drink ($4.00) and the Mango Pineapple Lassi ($4.50) are both special drinks of the house and both are non-alcoholic. They have a few desserts as well as wine by the glass or bottle. Everything is made here from scratch, they even roast and grind their own spices. The packaged meals in the market are frozen and refrigerated ready-to-eat Indian dishes. They are open daily and it is a great place to go before seeing a play at The Stanley Theatre around the corner.

Review by: Richard Wolak

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