An Indian Tasting Dinner at Jolly’s

Jolly Kumar - Chef - Jolly's Indian Bistro

I dined with a group of media friends recently at Jolly’s, a wonderful restaurant in Kitsilano that is a purveyor of fine Indian cuisine. Although we had a select menu, we were often surprised to see more and more dishes making there way from the kitchen where Chef/Owner Jolly Kumar worked his craft. This dinner turned out to be quite the flavourful feast.


Samosa – Potato and peas wrapped in light pastry served with peas and chutney

Lamb Boti Kabab (Spicy) – Marinated lamb cutlets in chilies and rare

spices tandoori  oven roasts served with a small salad.

Pakoras – Bite size pieces of mixed vegetable, crisp fried in chickpea flour batter

Dosa with Paneer – South Indian Crepe stuffed with paneer served with daal and chutneys

Mango, Mint and Yoghurt sauces

Naan stuffed with chicken


Dosa with Paneer

Lamb Boti Kabab

Naan stuffed with chicken


Goa Fish Fry – cod fillet marinated with spices and lemon juice brought to perfection with onion sauce

Delhi 6 Daal – Black lentils simmered slowly with kidney beans, and brought to

perfection with desi ghee ginger and garlic taka

Kashmiri Lamb Rogenjosh – Leg of lamb pressure booked with rare mixed spices and mint

Butter Chicken ala Jolly – Boneless chicken breast marinated with yoghurt and

tandoori masala, roasted and infused with light cream sauce.

Mumbai Chicken Masala – Stuffed chicken breast with spinach and paneer

with tomato and mushroom chutney

Butter Chicken ala Jolly

Goa Fish Fry

Kashmiri Lamb Rogenjosh

Mumbai Chicken Masala


Ras Mala – Indian cottage cheese flat dumplings in pistachio, rosewater and saffron infused milk

Carrot Cake – Exotically spiced carrot cake with real cream cheese icing

Chocolate Cake – chocolate cake served with whipped cream

Chocolate Cake, Ras Mala, Carrot Cake


Pina Colada – Light rum, pineapple juice and coconut cream

Indian Temple – Grenadine, orange syrup, seven up and whiskey

Indian Temple

This was a wonderful night which gave me a chance to taste a variety of Indian dishes for the first time at this restaurant. Jolly’s has been in the neighborhood for several years, recently moving a couple of blocks west to a larger more elegant space. I very much enjoyed the hospitality during the evening, of course I had some standout dishes and these included the Samosa, Dosa with Paneer, Kashmiri Lamb Rogenjosh and the Butter Chicken.

I hope you have enjoyed the journey and I encourage you to visit Jolly’s Indian Bistro at 2928 West 4th Avenue in Vancouver.

By: Richard Wolak

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