7215 Main Street, Vancouver

Tel: 604-327-8900

Web: http://www.originaltandoori.com/pdf/MenuVcr.pdf

Twitter: n/a

Advice: Reservations suggested.

With many Indian restaurants on this stretch of Main Street, finding the best one can daunting. The other night my friend Debby and I dined at this wonderful restaurant which boasted friendly and courteous service an extensive menu of Indian specialties as well as a large vegetarian selection. Since my friend and I wanted to try as many dishes as we could we both ordered one of their special meals.

House Special

Dinner Special

I had the House Special ($19.95) chicken tikka, lamb tikka, fish tikka, kebab, rice, tandoori prawns, daal, and  vegi paneer tikka. Debby had the Dinner Special ($17.95) chicken tikka, butter chicken, lamb curry, rice, raita, and gulab jamun.

Mango Ice Cream

Since dessert didn’t come with my meal, dessert to end my meal was a must and I went with the Mango Ice Cream ($3.95) for dessert.

Review by: Richard Wolak

Vancouver, BC V5X 3J3, Canada


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