Maat Cuisine and their Korean Inspired Popup Dinner

Experienced the first Korean Inspired pop-up fine dining dinner recently which was exceptional and was certainly the best dining experience I have had in the past year. It was a 9-course dinner experience that was very well executed from the food, drink and service along with a couple additional surprise courses as well as Rose and other sips along the way.

The concept idea was developed by Jay Son @j_sonmelier (restaurant manager and sommelier at CinCin Ristorante) and Chef Kyle Lee @kabebesj sous chef at Elisa Restaurant; both Korean and very skilled, along with Jenna Mah and Emily rounding out the team.

1st course:

Octopus Amuse

Squid ink gochujang aioli, tomato sea-water, flying fish roe

2nd course:

Garden Crudite

Seasonal local farm vegetables, chive aioli, lacto fermentation

3rd course:

Yook Hwe

Hank’s grass-fed flat iron beef tartare, Korean pear, seaweed multigrain cracker, caviar

I enjoyed sipping on the HWAYO 17 Soju on the rocks which went perfectly with the dishes.

Chef Kyle Lee (co-founder) @kabebesj

4th course:

Egg custard which was amazing, with Sun gold tomatoes, lemon basil, shrimp Garum, served with California premium gold rice.

5th course:

Gal-bi gui

Snake river farm Wagyu short-rib, red ginseng wine jus, Italian black truffle

6th course

Korean Party Noodles (surprise dish)

Served with a Spicy sauce

7th course:

Fizzy fruit

Local berries and stone fruits

Jay Son (co-founder) @j_sonmelier holding the 2018 Chateau Coutet Sauternes, Barsac; and Glenmorangie The Nectar d’ Or Sauternes Cask Extra Matured 12 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky before pouring our sips.

8th course:


Multi-grain mousse, poached nectarines

9th course:

Petit Fours

Green Plum ice tea, with hibiscus Granata, mochi filled rice cheesecake, dried persimmon with yuzu jam and borage flower

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By: Richard Wolak