Experiencing Filipino dishes at Pampanga’s Cuisine

Take yourself on a culinary journey to the Pampanga region of the Philippines in East Van. I had the pleasure to taste my way through many dishes on the menu at this newly opened restaurant on Fraser Street. They are a family-owned restaurant that proudly serves authentic Filipino food and desserts cooked Kapampangan Style!

1st dish:

BBQ chicken – chunks of chicken marinated in special mixture, grilled & mixed with our homemade special bbq sauce; this was one of my favourite dishes.

2nd dish:

Lumpia – homemade pork springroll with sweet & chilli sauce on the side

3rd dish:

Filipino style sweet spaghetti – spaghetti noodles with Filipino style sweet sauce, hotdogs, ground pork & cheese topping

4th dish:

Caldereta — mild spicy beef stew cooked in herbs, tomato sauce with potatoes & bell peppers; this was one of my favourite dishes.

5th dish:

Pinakbet- assorted vegetables such as bitter melon, okra, long beans & squash with shrimp & sautéed in shrimp paste

6th dish:

Adobo with chicken and pork; this is by far the most popular Filipino dish.

7th dish:

Crispy Sisig – crispy chunks of pork with ginger, onions, chilli & their secret seasoning spices, served with garlic rice and a fried egg.

8th dish:

Buko pandan – sliced green jello, sago, & coconut strips mixed with whipped cream & pandan flavour

9th dish:

Cassava Flan – grated cassava, coconut milk, & leche flan on top; this was one of my favourite dishes.

10th dish:

Pinoy special halo-halo; this was one of my favourite dishes.

Known in the Philippines as Canteen style, this restaurant serves up quick meals to go as well as a La carte plated dishes for dine-in. and takeout for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Pampanga’s Cuisine is located at 6094 Fraser Street in Vancouver.

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By: Richard Wolak

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