First Taste of Tachingon

Specializing in Mexican cuisine, the small eatery opened on Kitsilano a month ago. The restaurant is owned by husband and wife, Ulyses and Martha who wanted to bring the food that they grew up eating to Vancouver.

Tachingon means ‘awesome’ in Spanish.

They are featuring a selection of tacos, tostadas and tortas; as well as tortilla soup, enchiladas and more. They are bringing those unique flavours that can transport you to Mexico and delight your taste buds.

I enjoyed a bowl of their delicious Tortilla Soup along with a Carnitas taco and Chicken Mole taco.

Tachingon is located at 2967 W Broadway in the Kitsilano neighbourhood of Vancouver. Follow them on instagram @tachingon_vancouver

By: Richard Wolak

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