First Taste of Nancy Go YaYa

Beautiful restaurant specializing in Singaporean café delights, owned by Tannis Ling and Alain Chow who partnered with chef Jian Cheng.

The décor is delightful reminiscing a Singaporean coffee shop; and the service is top notch.

I’ve visited for lunch a couple of times and enjoyed their Teh Tarik = ‘pulled tea’ which I had for the first time, the process for this type of tea is to enhance taste and to form foam: black tea + milk (condensed + evaporated) is poured, aka ‘pulled’, from a height between two vessels, repeatedly, until bubbly, the higher the better. I also had the delicious Kaya Toast (pandan mochi toast with coconut jam and butter); on another visit I had the delicious Chicken Curry Puffs – made by Shaiful Azrin Zakaria; and the yummy Pandan Chiffon Cake with muscovado crémeux and macadamia cornflake crunch.

They recently opened for dinner a few nights a week with a casual wine bar that is serving Singaporean snacks and drinks. I look forward to visiting again to try their nighttime dishes.

Nancy Go YaYa is located at 265 E Pender in the Chinatown neighbourhood of Vancouver. Follow them on instagram @nancygoyaya

By: Richard Wolak

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