Cooking with Fresh Prep Zero Waste Kits

This past week I had a chance to experience Fresh Prep’s new Zero Waste kits while cooking at home. Fresh Prep is a local company that has been around for over 5 years, they have created a selection of their own recipes to make it easy for home cooks to make the dishes in approx. 30 mins. Most recently they have launched their new Zero Waste packaging which will revolutionize the way their kits have been shipped to customers. Over the next few months they will be transitioning over to mostly Zero Waste packaging for all of their meal kits.

The Fresh Prep Zero Waste Kit is a reusable meal kit container that significantly reduces waste from single-use plastic, and allows for an easier and more organized cooking experience. Delivered in Fresh Prep’s signature reusable and insulated cooler bags, all parts of the Zero Waste Kit are dishwasher safe and made with BPA-free reusable plastic and silicone parts.

The first of the two meals that I made was the recipe for the Vegan Sweet Potato Enchiladas

Here are the steps in the cooking process ending with a delicious dish for the two of us to enjoy at home.

With the launch of the kit, Fresh Prep is providing a convenient solution to the challenge of plastic waste in the food sector. Unlike other sustainable food and lifestyle options, Fresh Prep’s Zero Waste Kit is offered at no additional cost to the customer, reducing barriers to a more sustainable lifestyle and taking on the cost of this innovation as a business.

The next night I made the Lentil & Gemelli Salad

Zero Waste recipes are already on the Fresh Prep menu, with nearly the entire menu moving to zero waste packaging over the coming months. Zero Waste recipes will be denoted with a ‘Packed in a Zero Waste Kit’ badge on the website, and Fresh Prep customers will be able to select these recipes up to four weeks in advance.

Fresh Prep currently delivers to over 20 municipalities across BC. For a complete list of delivery areas and to learn more about the Zero Waste Kit, you can visit Fresh Prep online and set up your first delivery at the same time. You choose the number of meals you want and for 2-person meals or the family plan. You then get all the pre-portioned ingredients along with the recipes delivered to your home.

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By: Richard Wolak

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