Vancouver Curry Challenge

Welcome to the 6th Annual Vancouver Foodster Curry Challenge. Restaurants from all over the city were invited to enter their curry creations into this challenge, most have created a special curry creation just for this challenge. Each restaurant will be featuring their curry on their menu from March 11-April 4, 2021.

How Does this all Work? For the public challenge, you are invited to go out and order any or all of the curry creations in this challenge, then you decide who you think has the best curry creation for the People’s Choice award winners. 

Share your experiences: Tweet (and don’t forget to tweet or instagram your photos) throughout the challenge, our twitter and instagram address is @vanfoodster and the hashtag is #CurryChallengeYVR please include this hashtag in all your tweets, instagram stories and instagram posts during the challenge.

Voting criteria –  some things to help you judge your favourite curry creations – keep these things in mind: originality, creativity, uniqueness, traditional, non-traditional, price, value and most importantly taste.

Get some friends together and make a day or night of it, visit 2 places or more to share and taste the different curry creations or go solo or with a friend– just remember to VOTE for your favourites

Here are the Curry dishes in this challenge, listed in no particular order other than when they were received by us.

Indish Food Truck

The Royal Whitecaps Curry

Price: $16

Created by: Tushar Shroff with help from the rest of the Indish Team

Description: The Royal Whitecaps Curry is a bold and creamy yet plant-based sauce that we created to enhance the flavor of each food that it is paired with. Just like the snow-capped mountains of Vancouver add majesticness to this already gorgeous city, the curry adds the same royal majestic feel elevating any veggies or proteins to the next level. To showcase how beautifully the Royal Whitecaps curry not only complements but adds to these elements, our plate features our melt-in-your-mouth chana kebab, tandoori spiced veggies, and delicious Mixed Ground Meatz prepared by our friends over at PlantBase. You will experience the perfect alchemy of spices when you taste the layers of complexity through flavors such as cardamom and caraway, followed by green chili, cloves, star anise, and mace with a peppery finish, all rounded in a creamy mouthfeel.

Offered: All the time and wherever the truck is.

Available for take-out. Orders can be placed on our website’s ordering page here

Indish Food Truck

(rotates locations)

Instagram @indishfoodtruck

Bombay Masala Restaurant  

Nargasi Fish Kofta

Price: $18

Created by Chef Jasvir Singh

Description: Cod Fish kofta in a smooth creamy and nutty mild sauce.

Offered: All the time for dine-in.

Bombay Masala Restaurant

4473 West 10th Avenue, Vancouver

Tel: (604) 224-1111


Instagram @bombaymasalaindiancuisine

Ban Chok Dee

Massaman Lamb Pommés Purée 

Price: $29

Created by: Chef Parinya Loptson

Description:  The blending of Indian and Thai spices mixed harmoniously to create this aromatic and delicious Massaman curry. The sweetness from palm sugar; creamy & nutty from coconut milk and cashew nut and macadamia; a soft sourness from tamarind; the saltiness from fish sauce and salt and mild spicy from the paste. This flavourful lamb shank is served with hand mashed pomme purée, tamarind carrot and broccolini.

Offered: Dinner daily

Ban Chok Dee Thai

20563 Douglas Crescent, Langley

Tel: 778-278-3088


Instagram @bcdthai

Karakoram Restaurant

Chicken Lahori

Price: Half chicken $26 comes or Full chicken $46 with with naan 

Created by: Chef Qasim Mehmood

Description:  Karahi is authenticated Pakistani dish which was started in the city of Peshawar, Pakistan. Karahi travel to different cities and got different flavours. Not just in Pakistan, but the dish travelled to different countries like India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan etc.

We are the first one to launch Authenticated Chicken and Lamb Karahi in entire BC, bringing the authenticated taste of Pakistan to the people living far away from their countries. We believe this kind of food helps you to connect to the roots of your country and culture.

This dish is made to order, and it takes around 35 minutes to make any Karahi as it is made from scratch. We have 2 different servings, ½ chicken (serving 2 people), Full Chicken (serving 4 people.)

Offered: All the time for dine-in, pickup or delivery, if at all possible please call to pre-order.

Karakoram Restaurant

6990 Victoria Drive, Vancouver

Tel: (604) 737-1000


Instagram @karakoramrestaurant

Our Media judges for this challenge are:

Jacqueline Chui

Food and Travel Blogger

Twitter @jacquelinechui

Instagram @jacquelinechui

Rick Green

Freelance writer for BC Brews and other publications

Twitter: @BCbrews

Instagram @b.c.beerblog .

Yuki No

Blogger for Pekopekolife

Twitter: @Pekopekolife

Instagram: @pekopekolife

Make sure you pick up one of the Curry Challenge postcards available at each of the participating restaurants and follow the instructions to  Vote for your People’s Choice favourites from March 11 – April 4, 2021.

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