Cooking with The Phamily Table Sauces

I spent the past weekend cooking some Vietnamese dishes at home and using the Phamily table sauces. I’ve used the red and gold in the past, but it’s the new Jade sauce which has impressed me the most; it’s light and flavourful and it’s also vegan.

Chef Brandon Pham

Chef Brandon Pham founded his company The Phamily Table 3 years ago, creating a line of Vietnamese sauces for cooks and cooks alike to use to complement their cooking and dishes. The ingredients he uses in all of these sauces are sourced locally, and he has a local farm growing the chili’s to reduce the carbon footprint. All his sauces are vegan as well.

We made some Baked Crispy Vegan Spring Rolls with the Jade lemongrass sauce, a labour of love and very tasty. Our fun activity jointly made between Lawrence and myself. Love the lemongrass sauce which is vegan and produced locally.

We also made an Oven-Baked Cod with the Red chili sauce, a simple recipe covering the cod with the sauce and then baking it in the oven.

To accompany the fish, we made a Salad with the Gold sweet chili sauce as the dressing.

Baked Cod and the Salad plated together for a delicious dinner.

Another dish that we made was the Vermicelli with Chicken Skewers with the Jade lemongrass sauce, this was a delicious dish to share as one of the mains for dinner.

You can find The Phamily Table Vietnamese Sauces at retailers all over Vancouver and beyond here and follow them on instagram @thephamilytable

By: Richard Wolak

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