Touring Saman Bakery

I recently had a chance to tour this North Vancouver based Persian breads and sweets production bakery. This family bakery has been supplying their breads to a growing number of markets throughout the Vancouver area since 2004.

Amin Tavangar, President, explained that they brought in a Special oven from Iran to bake these Taftoons and other breads.

making Taftoon Bread

flattening the dough

Taftoon Bread

Taftoon Bread (Yeast-Free) hand-crafted traditional Persian bread created using simple, yet artful recipes developed over thousands of years in Ancient Persia. With only a few simple but meticulously selected ingredients, we are confident that taftoon bread will become a healthy, household favourite.Enjoy this bread with your wrap sandwiches or for the ultimate thin-crust pizza base! You can also enjoy it cut and toasted for dipping into a wide variety of dips and spreads.

They also make the Barbari and Sangak breads as well as crackers and cookies.

Saman Bakery Ltd. Is located at 1185 West 16th Street in North Vancouver. If you are a store that would like to carry their products, you can call them at 604-990-9000. Follow them on Instagram @samanbakeryltd

By: Richard Wolak

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