Chinese Restaurant Awards’Vancouver Winners

Best Peking Duck: Chang’an, Vancouver

The 10th annual Chinese Restaurant Awards’ coveted Diners’ Choice Awards have been chosen.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Chinese Restaurant Awards, which were founded in 2008 to recognize high quality Chinese and Taiwanese cuisine in Vancouver. Central to the annual celebration is the highly-anticipated Diners’ Choice Awards, presented by Hong Kong Airlines. Voting took place from February 5 – March 4 online and on WeChat and was available in both English, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese. 35,219 votes were cast over the four week voting period and excitement was readily shared over social media.

The winners of the 2018 Diners’ Choice Awards will be compiled into a new comprehensive diners’ guide, which locals and visitors alike rely on to find the best regional Chinese and Taiwanese cuisine in Metro Vancouver. Many new restaurants were selected as winners this year, reflecting diners’ appetite for fresh tastes and appreciation of new cuisines.

Highlights from this year’s awards include the winners of the four new dish categories, as well as the much-desired Best New Restaurant award:

Best Peking Duck: Chang’an, Vancouver

Best Shanghainese Stir Fry Egg White: Suhang Restaurant, Richmond

Best Sichuan Mouthwatering Chicken: Szechuan House, Burnaby

Best Spring Rolls: Prince Chinese Seafood Restaurant, Vancouver

Best New Restaurant: Geng Shi Ji, Richmond

Geng Shi Ji may be new to Vancouver, but it’s an established restaurant franchise business originally from Hunan, China. The restaurant is known for offering reinvented and classic signature dishes from various regional Chinese cuisines. Introduce a new kind of Chinese dinning concept to Vancouver diners.

The winners of the 2018 Diners’ Choice Awards will be invited to attend the 10th annual Chinese Restaurant Awards Ceremony at River Rock Show Theatre on Tuesday, April 17. The result of the Critics’ Choice Signature Dish Awards and the Elite 10 Awards, exclusive to the 10th anniversary year, will be announced on the same day.

Winners of the Diners’ Choice Awards  – Metro Vancouver

21 awards in total | *new awards this year



1661 Granville Street, Vancouver  (604) 681-1313



Suhang Restaurant

#100-8291 Ackroyd Road, Richmond (604) 278-7787



Szechuan House

4394 Imperial St., Burnaby (604) 439-3029



Prince Chinese Seafood Restaurant

2881 Grandview Hwy, Vancouver (604) 430-6808


  1. Best new Restaurant – open less than one year (Presented by Fantuan Delivery)

Geng Shi Ji

1211-8338 Capstan Way, Richmond (604) 370-6899


  1. Best ServiceS Restaurant

Dynasty Seafood Restaurant

#108-777 West Broadway, Vancouver (604) 876-8388


  1. Best Fine Dining Restaurant


1161 W Georgia St., Vancouver (604) 979-8886


  1. Best Dim Sum Restaurant

Chef Tony Seafood Restaurant

#101-4600 No.3 Road, Richmond (604) 279-0083


  1. Best Vegetarian Restaurant

Sun Bo Kong Vegetarian Restaurant

1363 Kingsway, Vancouver (604) 255-8927


  1. Best Cantonese Restaurant

Fortune Terrace Chinese Cuisine

#130-6200 River Road, Richmond (604) 285-8980


  1. Best Northern Chinese Restaurant

Najia Restaurant

1018 Beach Ave., Vancouver (778) 379-3787


  1. Best Shanghainese Restaurant

Z&Y Shanghai Cuisine

#1010-4711 Mcclelland Road, Richmond (778) 389-8777


  1. Best Sichuan/Hunan Restaurant

Happy Tree House BBQ

3502 Kingsway St., Vancouver (778) 383-9575

#105-8171 Alexandra Road, Richmond (778) 297-1386


  1. Best Taiwanese Restaurant/BBT Café

Memory Corner

6900 No.3 Road, Richmond (604) 284-5434


  1. Best Hot Pot Restaurant

Boiling Point

Various locations


  1. Best Congee and Noodle Restaurant

Congee Noodle House

141 E Broadway, Vancouver (604) 879-8221


  1. Best Hong Kong-Style Café

Copa Café

Various locations


  1. Best B.B.Q. Shop

HK B.B.Q. Master

#145-4651 No. 3 Road, Richmond (604) 272-6568


  1. Best Bakery Shop

Maxim’s Bakery

Various locations


  1. Best Food Court Stall

Xiang Yuan Qiao Bridge Rice Noodle

Crystal Mall Food Court, #2128-4500 Kingsway, Burnaby (778) 317-5530


  1. Best Fantuan delivery Restaurant (Presented by Fantuan Delivery)

Me + Crepe

Various locations

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