New Dishes Tasting at Viet House Restaurant

Executive Chef John Nguyen invited me in to try some of his chefs specialty dishes.

1st dish:

Duck Confit Mantou

Duck Confit Mantou – these were delicious soft mantou bun filled with flavorful duck confirt and pickled vegetables, served with crunchy fries.

2nd dish:

Gluten free chicken wings

Gluten free chicken wings in a delicious house made bbq sauce, memorable dish the wings were perfectly cooked, addictive with their house made bbq sauce.

3rd dish:

Seafood in a coconut broth

Seafood in a coconut broth – loved the flavours of the light coconut based broth, seafood included prawns, mussels and fish, outstanding dish.

4th dish:

5 spice duck breast

5 spice duck breast with carrot ginger purée – sous vide cooked duck that was perfectly cooked over top a mix of peas and carrots and the delicious puree.

5th dish:

No bake cheesecake

No bake cheesecake with blueberries – light cheesecake perfect after a heavier meal.


Viet House is located at 3420 Cambie Street in Vancouver; you can follow them on Instagram: @viet_house_restaurant

By: Richard Wolak

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