First Taste of Fife Bakery

Felix Yau

I had the pleasure of getting to know Felix Yau a few years back when he was a Chef working with Joey Restaurants in Coquitlam. He had baked me some of his bread to try which I did, I remember him being so passionate yearning to open his own bakery one day.

A couple weeks ago, he realized his dream, opening Fife Bakery, where he is now making a selection of house-baked breads, chocolate chip cookies and serving coffee.

An all natural, organic artisan bakery specializing in naturally leavened breads made from local ingredients.

In addition to his baking, he also sells a limited selection of retail items including Bows x Arrows beans, Vancouver Island Salt, Orazio olive oil, Sirene Chocolate

Fife Bakery is located at 64 E. 3rd Avenue in Vancouver and is open from 12pm – 6pm Tuesday – Saturday.

Follow Fife Bakery on Twitter @FifeBakery and Instagram @FifeBakery

By: Richard Wolak

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