Kosher Style Baking at South Granville Bakery

Operating out of the Bean around the World Café on Granville Street in the South Granville neighbourhood, this recent newcomer specializes in kosher style baking. Here you will find all sorts of baked goods during the week with Challah usually on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. There is delicious Chocolate Rugelach, and other Jewish baked goods with more being offered week after week.

Yosef is the baker behind all the delicious baked goods and breads. He also offers cinnamon buns, danish and quiche as well as much more.

I have tried several of the items here including the Challah buns, Sesame Challah, Chocolate Rugelach, Gluten Free Chocolate Chip cookies, and the delicious Lemon Meringue Cheesecake.

South Granville Bakery is located at 2977 Granville sharing store front with Bean Around the World. You can follow them on instagram @southgranvillebakery

By: Richard Wolak