Touring Steamworks Brewing

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I had the opportunity to tour this spectacular brewery recently with Walter Cosman (President) who showed me around the 30,000 sq foot facility. Presently the only brewery located in Burnaby, it is not only large, it’s fully automated from brewing to bottling and packaging.

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Walter showed me the barrels of hops and yeast and explained their beer making process, they bottle and can year round.

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The bottling line is completely automated as is the canning line as well as the kegs which all feed into packaging.

Steamworks Brewing Company is part of the Steamworks companies owned and founded by Eli Gershkovitch in 1995. They have been brewing and serving its own craft beer for over 19 years. Steamworks offers distinctive, full flavoured brews, in addition to enjoying the beer in their own restaurants and pubs, you can also find their beer in liquor stores and establishments across BC and beyond. This coming spring they will be opening a Tasting Room at their brewery in Burnaby and will open to all those wanting to visit and taste their beers.

Steamworks Brewing Company is located at 3845 William Street in  Burnaby.

By: Richard Wolak

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