New Dishes Tasting at House Guest

Visited House Guest recently to taste some new dishes on the new menu by the new Executive Chef Jimmy Stewart.


1st dish & 2nd dish:

Cornbread Madelines and Confit Chicken Wings

Confit Chicken Wings ($10) brined, smoked, confit with pine salt and mayo

Cornbread Madelines ($8) whipped sweet potato and bourbon butter

3rd dish:

Prawn Toasts

Prawn Toasts ($4 each) white prawns, sourdough, yuzu mayo, dill, daikon, scallions


4th dish:

Albacore Tuna ‘Flavours of Sushi’

Albacore Tuna ‘Flavours of Sushi’  ($14) asian pear, avocado, daikon, puffed rice, seaweed pesto, grilled cucumber

5th dish:

Winter Salad

Winter Salad ($13) mushrooms in textures, beets, carrots, vegetable ash goat cheese, hazelnuts, lettuces, buttermilk, wild herbs and weeds.

6th dish:

Sunchoke Soup

Sunchoke Soup ($10) confit rabbit, pickled blackberry, watercress, sunchoke chips

7th dish:

Pine Smoked Venison Carpaccio

Pine Smoked Venison Carpaccio ($12) pine oil, gin-crème fraiche, sunflower seeds, quail egg, peppercress, pickled celery, endive


8th dish:


Scallops ($24) turnips, butternut squash, mussels, kale, cranberry, beer and mussel jus

9th dish:

Ricotta Gnocchi

Ricotta Gnocchi ($22) hazelnuts, arugala, pecorino, artichoke, fennel


10th & 11th dish:

Lemon Tart and Carrot Cake with Ginger Carrot Gelato

Carrot Cake with Ginger Carrot Gelato which I loved over the lemon tart

My take:

I enjoyed the Confit Chicken Wings which were lightly pine salted and dry perfectly done for this snack. The Prawn Toasts was my least favourite dish that I had during the meal perhaps because it lacked in flavour and the purposely charred edges on toast shouldn’t have been charred. The Sunchoke Soup was outstanding with the Confit Rabbit, pickled blackberry, watercress & Sunchoke chips. Loved, loved the Albacore Tuna ‘Flavours of Sushi’ it’s playful on the plate as well as the palate and was outstanding with Asian pear, daikon, seaweed pesto. Spectacular Winter Salad, was a stunning plate full of mushrooms textures and tastes and I can’t wait to see how this salad changes by the seasons to come. The Ricotta Gnocchi with hazelnuts, pecorino, artichoke, fennel was delish as well. For the finish, I loved the Carrot Cake with Ginger Carrot Gelato over the lemon tart.

House Guest

322 Water Street, Vancouver

Twitter: @Housexguest

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By: Richard Wolak

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