Ocean Wise Cookbook Launch

On Wednesday November 3rd, I attended “Ocean Wise” CookBook Launch Party at C Restaurant. The book was edited by Jane Mundy who spent a year putting the book together, featuring 139 recipes from top Canadian Chefs.

Jane Mundy

Chef Robert Clark and Chef Lee Humphries team prepared a selection of appetizers some from the book and some of their own recipes. My favourites bites were the Beer Batter Fried Oysters, Tuna Tataki and the and the Sustainable Scallop Canapés!

Tuna Tataki

Beer Batter Fried Oysters

Berry Sockeye

Jane’s cookbook is called “Ocean Wise: Seafood Recipes that are Good for the Planet”

In The Ocean Wise Cookbook, freelance writer Jane Mundy compiles together some of the most popular recipes from chefs and restaurants from all across Canada. Jane shows us that no matter what kind of seafood you need for a recipe, you can help sustain our oceans and the environment by making positive choices.

Ocean Wise is a nation-wide conservation program designed to educate restaurants and consumers about the issues surrounding sustainable seafood. Created by the renowned Vancouver Aquarium, Ocean Wise has an affiliation with restaurants, markets, suppliers and food services, striving to ensure that everyone works together to make ocean-friendly buying choices in an environmentally conscious world.

Now available at local bookstores.

By: Richard Wolak

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