A Quest for the Best Green Onion Pancakes

I am sure that you can find Green Onion Pancakes on many Chinese restaurant menus around the city. Green Onion Pancakes is a favourite comfort food for many. My quest was to find the most unique and tasty Green Onion Pancakes. In ranking order, these are my favourites from the Green Onion Pancakes that I have eaten in the city.

1) LIN CHINESE CUISINE – 1537 West Broadway, Vancouver

After eating these Green Onion Pancakes ($4.99), I thought they were very good and the best that I had tasted on my quest, the pancakes had lots of flavour and I could taste the green onions, the pancakes were puffed nicely.

Green Onion Pancakes

2) LEGENDARY NOODLE – 4191 Main Street, Vancouver

The dough was flattened and then the pancake was fried in the pan on both sides until
crispy, these Green Onion Pancakes ($3.50) didn’t have much flavour, they were oily!

Crispy Fried Pan Cake

3) YOPO – 1122 Homer Street, Vancouver

Fried to a nice looking golden brown, these Green Onion Pancakes ($3.95) were kind of bland and had the least amount of flavour as the other ones that I had tried.

Green Onion Pancakes

Which restaurant has your favourite Green Onion Pancakes and why? Add your comment here along with the name of the restaurant, location, why you think their’s are the best and how much they cost.

By: Richard Wolak

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