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Lin Chinese Cuisine Celebrates 3 Years

On Tuesday November 9th I attended the 3rd Anniversary Multi-Course Banquet dinner at Lin Chinese Cuisine in South Granville. Dish after dish arrived to our table and this delicious meal featuring many of their new menu creations. These were my…

A Quest for the Best Green Onion Pancakes

I am sure that you can find Green Onion Pancakes on many Chinese restaurant menus around the city. Green Onion Pancakes is a favourite comfort food for many. My quest was to find the most unique and tasty Green Onion Pancakes. In ranking order, these are…

Interview with Lin Zhang

Executive Chef | Lin Chinese Cuisine I talked with Lin Zhang in his kitchen while he was cooking with the help of Stephanie Yuen who assisted with the translations. Where do you look for Inspiration to Create New Dishes? A…

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