Interview with Ken Liang

Executive Chef | Ken’s Chinese Cuisine

How long has Ken’s been in business?

10 years

How would you describe your style of Chinese food?

I am trained as a traditional Chinese chef with Malaysian and Thai influence and Hong Kong stlye that is westernized.

How long have you been a Chef?

20 years

What did you do before becoming a Chef?

I emigrated 20 years ago from China where I was a Retail Purchasing Manager. After I came to Vancouver I learned under many of the local chefs, I love cooking and this was a natutural adaptation for me.

How often do you create new dishes?

I create 3-4 new dishes per season.

What is the most popular dish on the menu?

1) Crab dish

2) Steamed chicken with marinade

3) Clam Congee

What is your favourite food to eat outside of the restaurant?

Vietnamese noodle soup and Cantonese food.

What is your favourite dish to eat at home?

My wife does all the cooking at home, my favourite dish is a Whole fish steamed with ginger and green onion

What else should we know about Ken’s?

We were the 1st restaurant to endorse Shark Truth and we also participate in the annual Spot Prawn festival.

By: Richard Wolak

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