4191 Main Street, Vancouver

Tel: 604-879-8758

Web: www.legendarynoodle.ca

Advice: Cash only.

Shredded Potato

Crispy Fried Pan Cake

Lamb Shanks Noodle Soup


For over 13 years this family run business has been hand rolling their noodles that they have become known for. I was lucky to be joined by my friend Stephanie Yuen who is another food writer who knows her Chinese food oh so well. We began our meal with the cold Shredded Potato ($3) with garlic, sesame oil a vegetarian dish with a sour and salty taste. Next up was the tasty Crispy Fried Pan Cake ($3.50) with fresh green onion, sprinkled with sesame. We then ventured into the first of a couple of the noodle dishes that they are known for. First was the Lamb Shanks Noodle Soup ($8) sprinkled with garlic and cilantro; and the other dish was the Noodles ($7) Perfumed with lemon garlic, green onion sauce, red chili crunch, topped with spinach and beansprouts (spicy & hot). With a pot of their house tea we enjoyed all of the dishes and conversation.

The style of food cooked here is from Lanzo in the Ghanxu province in China, very different style of food than other Chinese restaurants.

Review by: Richard Wolak

4191 Main Street, Vancouver

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