Eats and Drinks at Olympics Ontario House

Chef Ryan Cain

I met Chef Ryan Cain today who heads the Opus Catering team that has created the menu and is in charge of the kitchen at Ontario House. The menu at Ontario House has actually been developed with the input of a number of different chefs, suppliers and organizations like the Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance.

Trillium Cheese Trio

Ontario Mini Burger

3-Cheese Mac & Cheese

Cheesecake Bliss-on-a-Stick

I tasted a variety of eats including the Ontario Mini Burger, 3-Cheese Mac & Cheese, Duck Spring Rolls, Vegetarian Beans, Trillium Cheese Trio with a tasty Maple Cheddar and the caramel Cheesecake Bliss-on-a-Stick for dessert. The prices are inexpensive, all eats are $5 each, this makes it simple for you to try a few dishes.

The bar menu features a selection of Ontario Craft Beers (all are $6 for 16oz), Ontario White and Red Wines and Ice Wine (all are $6). I would suggest that you try the Tankhouse Ale (from Mill Street Brewery) and the Steam Whistle Premium Pilsner (from Steam Whistle Brewing) and the 2006 Vidal Olympic Commemorative Ice Wine (from Inniskillin Wines).

The list of Ontario food suppliers includes: Balderson Cheese, Woolwich Dairy, Celebrity International Goats Cheese, Black River Cheese, Niagara Food Specialties (Pingue Proscuitto), Fortunati Foods (cheesecake bliss on a stick),  Dufflet Pastries, Sprucewood Brands (savoury cheddar), Go Ontario! Granola Bars (Taste of Nature), Conestoga Meats (Ontario pork Cooperative), Culinary Destinations , Wings Sauces, King Cole Duck, Bella Casara Quality Cheese, Niagara Food Speciality, Sinfully Deelicious. All the cutlery, glasses and plates are sustainable and recyclable.

Ontario House is located at Concord Pacific Place and is open daily from 10 am thru 1 am through the Olympics.

By: Richard Wolak

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