Aboriginal Wild Foods at Kla-how-ya

I attended the spectacular Kla-how-ya (Welcome) exhibit gala opening at the Pan Pacific Hotel on February 11th. This was a wonderful evening of performances of dance and song, with Aboriginal music by Tribal Clef. The highlight was the Traditional Aboriginal wild foods prepared by Daryl Nagata, Executive Chef of the Pan Pacific Vancouver.

I wasn’t as adventurous in my eating as most of the invited guests, I also had another dinner to attend after this dinner so I was eating rather conservatively. Here some highlights of the dishes that I had and did not have.

Chilco River Smoked Wild Salmon

Tagish Bannock Sticks

Assiniboine 3 Sisters Salad

Chef Carving Meats

Grilled Rattlesnake

Chef Nagata created this menu to show the world the wild foods that Aboriginal people eat and to provide a unique culinary experience to all guests. In addition to the foods shown above, there was Sturgeon, Trout, Rabbit, Elk, Duck, Muskox, Caribou and more.

By: Richard Wolak

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